Yoo Seung-min “文, Economics?…If you have a conscience, keep your mouth shut”

“If he has any conscience at all, he should reflect on his failures and keep his mouth shut,” said former South Korean lawmaker Yoo Seung-min, taking aim at former President Moon Jae-in메이저놀이터.

“He’s saying strange things again,” Yoo wrote on Facebook yesterday (May 5) in response to Moon’s recent recommendation of Professor Jang Ha-joon’s book “Economics Recipe.

“Does this person have the qualification to mention ‘economics’ and ‘expert’?” Yoo asked, pointing out that “during his presidency, he doubled the price of housing, causing tremendous suffering to the people.”

“Didn’t you ruin the economy by experimenting with income-led growth, which has no genealogy in economics, increase the national debt, and ignore reforms for the future, such as the declining birthrate and pensions, for five years,” he criticized, “so you were judged by the people.”

On April 4, former President Moon endorsed Jang’s new book on Facebook, describing it as “an easy economics book for non-experts, which he has been working on consistently.”

“If we leave economics to experts, our fate is subject to ruling ideologies such as neoliberalism,” Moon said, emphasizing that “we need sound economic common sense to avoid falling into the trap of one-person-one-vote market logic and to become awake sovereigns who defend true democracy with one person one vote.”