‘Yangcheon-gu Kudron’ Kim Wook “Can my brother win?”

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Last week, there was a player who drew a lot of attention even though he didn’t win the 5th tour of professional billiards.

Reporter Park Joo-rin met player Wook Kim, who had a unique history, who eliminated the emperor of billiards, Kudron, in the first round, and had to obtain a license as a real estate agent to pursue his dream of becoming a billiards player.

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A confrontation between Kudron, who won the championship six times, and Kim Wook, who only reached the round of 128.

Kim Wook, who overturned expectations and led to the match, even followed his luck.

On the other hand, Kudron’s bank shot failed.

Kim Wook, who gave the emperor of billiards the shock of being eliminated in the first round, knocked on his chest.

[Kim Wook]
“I couldn’t bear to see it. The moment I hit it, I looked up because I wanted to see it. I was moved to tears when I saw that I hadn’t been hit. At the end, I felt like my heart would burst…”

The storm didn’t stop there.

He defeated the first champion Kasido Costas and reached the round of 16 without hesitation.

[Kim Wook]
“(My wife) is in a situation where she doesn’t even know who Kudron is, and she’s like, ‘World No. 1? Oppa can win?’ You told me… I brought one (underwear). It was 4 nights and 5 days. I washed it and put it on.”

A 43-year-old unknown player who was close to a friend just a year ago.

He worked for a steel company and only occasionally appeared on weekend three-part tours.

[Wook Kim]
“I’m the best in the steel industry… I couldn’t even attend (contests) on weekends. Because I’m a double income, because of childcare…”

Last May, I passed the selection and went on the first part tour of my dreams, but I quit the company I worked for for 15 years. At the time of the two, there was not a little opposition.

[Kim Wook]
“I had some trouble (with my wife). The part where I compromised with reality was to work on the job I wanted to do before, pulling it out early and playing billiards at the same time…”

So, I challenged myself to become a licensed real estate agent. 토토사이트

After cramming for 4 months, I got my pass last month, and the secret was desperation.

[Kim Wook]
“‘I can’t even play billiards without this.’ I studied really hard with a desperate heart. This side seems to suit me, and billiards is a dream I’ve always had, so I want to do well in both.”

Kim Wook even earned the nickname ‘Yangcheon-gu Kudron’.

The challenge begins now.

[Kim Wook]
“The ‘important thing is an unbreakable heart’ touched me. I want to become a player who encourages ‘I can do it’.”