Yang Won-young “There are more than 6 million people investing in coins… Witch-hunt public opinion trial”

Lee Won-young, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, criticized the suspicion of investing in virtual assets (coins) raised against Congressman Kim Nam-guk, saying, “A witch-hunt-type public opinion trial is being conducted.” In an interview with SBS Radio Kim 토스카지노Tae-hyun’s political show on the 19th, Rep. Yang responded to the host’s question, “Do you think that Rep. Kim’s virtual asset speculation has a moral problem, or does it not exist ?

” Are you saying that virtual asset investment itself is immoral?” She also emphasized that a ‘witch-hunt public opinion trial’ is taking place against Rep. Kim. Rep. Yang said, “The public opinion trial was conducted like a witch hunt with unconfirmed facts such as using inside information or receiving bribes.” “he said. Regarding the Democratic Party’s filing of a complaint against Rep. Kim to the National Assembly’s Ethics Committee, “I thought that the first step was for Rep. Kim to properly investigate by submitting data. think,” he said. It was also mentioned that this controversy is not the responsibility of Congressman Kim, but the Democratic Party’s joint responsibility. He said, “There may be individual problems with Congressman Kim, but it may be a joint responsibility of our fellow lawmakers. There is also a problem of incomplete legislation.”

Earlier, on the 14th, at a closed general meeting of the Democratic Party, Rep. Yang was known to have made a statement, saying, “Does it need to be moral to be progressive?

Regarding this, Rep. Yang explained, “It is important to emphasize moral superiority, but it is more important to show superiority in governance ability to show people hope and alternatives to the future.” At the same time, he added, “It meant that if we pretended to be too clean, we seemed to be seen by that standard, so we should be more careful.”