“Withdrawal of Hwangol” Chukhyup, reorganization of the executive department… Will the communication and smuggling situation be improved?

The Korea Football Association, which caused controversy with a’surprise pardon’ for those involved in match-fixing, began reforming by reorganizing the executive department. It is noteworthy whether the non-communication and secretive administration, which have been criticized so far, will be improved while they pledged to transform themselves, such as by establishing a full-time vice chairman system.

Chung Mong-gyu, chairman of the Korea Football Association, held a press conference at the Seoul Soccer Center on the 3rd and announced a new board reorganization plan. Previously, the association decided to pardon 100 people, including former and current players, coaches, and referees, who were disciplined for various misconduct, such as match fixing, right before the A-match match against Uruguay in March. However, following the withdrawal of the amnesty due to public outrage, all the vice-presidents and board members resigned.

Chairman Chung bowed his head, saying, “I apologize once again for causing great disappointment and heartache to the football industry, fans, and the people with my wrong judgment.” I thought that stabilizing the association and ending my term in the situation was truly the way for Korean football.”

The new executive team, which consists of 25 members먹튀검증, established a full-time vice chairman system and abolished the executive position. The association had appointed a player from the national team as executive director and entrusted it with the role of a bridge in the administration of the association, but there were concerns that it could turn into a complaint window. There is also criticism that the slope wave is also unrelated to this.

The new full-time vice chairman will be former Vice Minister of Culture and Sports Kim Jeong-bae, a former non-athlete. Chairman Chung explained the background, saying, “It is important for administrative experts to keep the internal organization in order and to raise the administrative power of the association to a higher level.” Vice-Chairman Kim, who served as the head of the International Sports Department and the second vice minister in the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said, “I have been in administration for 30 years at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and I love soccer, so I accepted the association’s proposal without hesitation.” ”he said.

Other vice presidents include commentator Han Joon-hee (public relations), former head coach Jang Oe-ryong (technology), Won Young-shin, professor emeritus at Yonsei University (female), Ha Seok-joo, head coach at Ajou University (school soccer), Choi Young-il, former national team member (tournament management), and Lee Seok-jae, president of the Gyeonggi Football Association (sido). Association representative) was appointed.

The subcommittee is composed of 7 members, including Tournament Chairman Jung Hae-seong, National Team Power Enhancement Chairman Michael Müller, and Technology Development Chairman Lee Im-saeng. 11 people including the chairman (Suwon FC) were seated.

Chairman Chung said, “We gathered people from various classes. I will look at it from a variety of balanced perspectives in line with the eyes of the general public,” he said. He added, “I will not cause similar problems again by operating the board of directors more actively.”

Regarding the retention of Choi Young-il, Vice Chairman Lee Seok-jae, Jeong Hae-seong, Michael Müller, Lee Im-saeng, subcommittee Seo Dong-won, and director Jo Yeon-sang, he explained, “It was only two months since they were appointed, or it was a measure considering the continuity of work.”