‘Will it work?’ Lee Jung-hoo, Ohtani or Darvish MLB pre-test

On March 10th, South Korea will play Japan in the first round of the WBC in Tokyo, Japan.

It is difficult for Korea to beat Japan in terms of objective strength. However, 토토사이트 in the past, Korea overturned inferiority and won, so we have to open the lid to see what will happen.

The focus of today’s match is on what kind of blow Lee Jung-hoo will show rather than the win or loss between the two countries.

Lee Jung-hoo will challenge the MLB after the 2023 season.

Coincidentally, the Japanese team includes MLB top pitchers Shohei Ohtani and Yu Darvish, so it is expected that they will face off against them in some way.

For Lee Jung-hoo, this is an MLB pre-test. It is clear that MLB scouts will keep a close eye on Lee Jung-hoo in this game. They seem to be looking at the quality of batting balls rather than Lee Jung-hoo stealing hits against Ohtani or Darvish. Home runs and hits would be better, but more important than this is batting speed. This is because Ohtani and Darvish are not the only ones facing MLB.

Lee Jung-hoo’s batting genius was already revealed in the past match against Japan.

At last year’s Tokyo Olympics, Lee Jeong-hoo scored doubles and singles in a match against Japan’s ace Yoshinobu Yamamoto.

In the 2019 Premier 12 tournament, he struck out three pitches on Yamamoto’s forkball, but he paid back coolly.

Lee Jung-hoo is still growing. The heyday hasn’t even come yet.

That’s why MLB pays attention to him.

Lee Jung-hoo’s batting record is phenomenal. From his first year as a professional in 2017 to last year, his 6th year, he recorded a batting average of 30% or more every season. In his debut season in 2017, he participated in all 144 games and recorded a batting average of 3.24 and 111 points and an OPS of .812, winning the rookie award. 360). Last year, he was named MVP with a batting average of .349, 23 home runs, and 113 RBIs.

Fans are interested in what kind of blow Lee Jung-hoo will show against Ohtani or Darvish.