Will Hyundai Steel achieve an 11-game winning streak…Women’s soccer WK League opens on the 24th

The women’s soccer WK League will open a new season on the 24th.

The Korea Women’s Football Federation announced on the 3rd, “The WK League, which celebrated its 14th anniversary, will start an 8-month long journey starting with the match between Incheon Hyundai Steel and Mungyeong Sangmu at 7:00 pm on the 24th at Incheon Namdong Stadium.”

Hyundai Steel, who achieved 10 consecutive victories (regular league and championship match) for the first time in Korean ball game history last year, and Sangmu, who moved their hometown from Boeun, Chungcheongbuk-do to Mungyeong, Gyeongbuk, will face each other in the opening game.

At 2:00 pm on the 25th, the first round of Changnyeong WFC-Seoul City Hall, Gyeongju Hansuwon-Suwon FC Women, and Sejong Sports Toto-Hwacheon KSPO will follow.

As in last year, this year’s WK League, in which eight teams participate, will first proceed with a regular league in which each team plays 21 games until the end of August.

Afterwards, the playoffs, which are the gateway to the championship match, will be held.

The playoffs between the 2nd and 3rd places in the regular league will be held as a single match on November 4th, and the championship match between the winner of the playoffs and the team in the regular league will be held on November 7th and 11th in a home-and-away format.

The regular league was reduced from round 28 last year to round 21.

The federation said, “There are many important competitions this year, such as the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand in July and the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China in September.” In order to protect it, we discussed with the club and decided to reduce the regular season.”

The federation also said, “This year, we plan to hold both weekdays, weekends and holidays so that fans and players can breathe together on the ground.” plan to do so,” he added.

What attracts the most attention in the WK League this season is whether or not Hyundai Steel, which is regarded as the ‘absolute best’, will achieve 11 consecutive victories.

Hyundai Steel, which has national representatives across all positions, including Kim Hye-ri, Jang Seul-gi, Lee Min-ah, Lim Seon-joo, Choi Yu-ri, and Kang Chae-rim, sent midfielder Jeong Yu-jin to Changnyeong WFC, but most of last year’s leading players are still alive.메이저놀이터

In addition, strikers Kim Seong-mi and Ines, midfielder Oh Yeon-hee, and defender Yu-jin Yoo were recruited to strengthen their strength.

Against this, Suwon FC Women, who recruited national defenders Shim Seo-yeon and Park Se-ra, as well as Gyeongju Hansuwon and Hwacheon KSPO, are firmly determined to stop Hyundai Steel from playing solo.

Along with the performances of the league’s top players who moved teams, interest is also in how Lee Hyo-gyeong (Sejong Sports Toto), who joined the WK League after playing on the Japanese stage, will show.