What is mobile gaming and why does it matter?

Mobile gaming is not just fun, but big business worth billions of dollars and is in many ways the cornerstone of the metaverse. Gaming companies like Fortnite developer Epic Games have already started create virtual worlds of their own to compete with the ones developed by Facebook-owner Meta. However, that doesn’t explain what mobile gaming is or what the opportunities are. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered.

Mobile gaming refers to playing video games on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The most important aspects of this sector are the processors and displays, connectivity via telecom networks and cloud services and LiveOps.

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Mobile gaming publishers rely on telecom operators to provide internet connectivity and Big Tech to distribute games via app stores. They also need cloud and edge infrastructure services providers – such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure – to deploy game content closer to users, reducing latency and improving the quality of the experience.

LiveOps is a set of practices that modify a game following its launch. Game developers use LiveOps to get insights into the performance of games, understand consumer behavioral trends, and implement strategies to add users and generate revenue. LiveOps helps them focus on user acquisition, engagement, monetisation, marketing and troubleshooting.