“What about the air conditioning bill?” in the heat of the day…check your outdoor unit

It’s already so hot at home, and my electricity bill is going up, so I’m a little worried about my cooling bill this year. If you take care of the outdoor unit of your air conditioner, you can reduce your electricity bill.

Reporter Lee Hye-mi will introduce the details.


I experimented with smoke and lasers to see how an air conditioner works토토사이트 in a 59m² apartment.

First, I opened the top and bottom vents at a right angle of 90 degrees to allow enough hot air generated by the outdoor unit to escape.

The smoke, showing the airflow, stretched out 2 meters in front of me.

This time, I closed the top window and opened only the bottom.

The length of the smoke plume is reduced to 30 cm, or a quarter.

[Kwak Byung-chang, LH Land and Housing Research Institute : The hot air from the air conditioner is not discharged properly, and even flows right back into the room].

If the hot air from the outdoor unit is not exhausted out of the house, the temperature inside the outdoor unit room rises and the energy efficiency of the outdoor unit decreases.

As a result, it will use more electricity to keep the temperature down, and your electricity bill will increase.

The clutter you accumulate around your outdoor unit also affects your power usage.

It has been observed that power usage increases as the space behind the outdoor unit shrinks.

[Byeongchang Kwak, Senior Researcher, LH Land and Housing Research Institute: The air circulation is affected by the load. If resistance is created in air circulation, it can overload (the outdoor unit)].

In fact, there are more than 10 air conditioner outdoor unit fires every year due to overloading.

To prevent fires and increase energy efficiency, it is helpful to attach a wind guide called an “air guide” in front of the outdoor unit.