West, the temperature rises again… Yeongdong/Yeongnam Coast A little bit of rain

After yesterday’s rain, today the temperature 토토사이트will rise again centering on the western region.

The daytime temperature in the western region will be 1 to 6 degrees higher than yesterday at 28 degrees in Seoul, 27 degrees in Daejeon, and 26 degrees in Gwangju.

However, due to the cool east wind blowing from the sea, the east coast will stay around 20 degrees, including 18 degrees in Sokcho and 20 degrees in Pohang, which will be 2 to 9 degrees lower than yesterday.

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, with only occasional clouds across the country, inland areas will be hot with temperatures rising close to 30 degrees.

Today in the morning, there will be fog in the Jeolla-do region, and strong winds will blow on the coasts of Jeju-do and Gyeongsang-do.

Most of the provinces will be clear today, but there will be less than 5 millimeters of rain in Yeongdong, Gangwon and the east coast of northern Gyeongbuk until the morning on the east coast, south Gyeongnam coast, and Jeju Island until daytime.

In the afternoon, there will be a place where raindrops fall in the southern coast of Jeollanam-do.

The daytime temperature will be higher than yesterday in most provinces, from 18 to 29 degrees, but the east coast will be lower than yesterday.

The waves of the sea will rise as high as 4 meters in the waters of Jeju Island and the distant South Sea, where a storm warning has been issued.

Early summer weather will continue next week with no news of rain.

As the daytime temperature rises, the daily temperature difference will widen.

I gave you the weather.