Welcome Savings Bank trio “We are there even if Kudron leaves”

“We are more united.” (Kim Ye-eun)

“The team atmosphere is so good” (Choi Hye-mi) The

2023-2024 Welcome Savings Bank PBA/LPBA Team League Round 2 held at the ‘Goyang Kintex PBA Stadium’ in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 16th The three female players of Welcome Savings Bank, who had a 4-3 comeback against Huons in the first game, filled the press conference room with big smiles.

The traditional powerhouse, Welcome Savings Bank, was in the lower ranks in the first round, but even after losing the first and second sets that day, it won a come-from-behind victory with a scary ‘back heart’ at the end. Above all, Natsumi Higashiuchi, who made her debut in the team league this season, won the match against Kim Se-yeon in the 6th set women’s singles and brought the flow, and at the end, Lee Sang-dae won 11-1 in two innings against Kim Bong-cheol, ending the match.

Kim Ye-eun said, “I didn’t have luck in the first round, and there were many matches that I lost regretfully in terms of content. We will show our skills in the second round,” she said with a broad smile. Choi Hye-mi, who did her part in the mixed doubles that day, also said, “I think it was a process of matching each other in the first round when new players joined. It will be different in the future,” she emphasized.

Kim Ye-eun (from left), Higashiuchi, and Choi Hye-mi are smiling broadly on the 17th. Provided by PBA

Welcome Savings Bank had bad news before the season. Frédéric Coudron, the world’s strongest, returned to his hometown of Belgium because he could not solve the contract with the team, and Seo Hyun-min was put in as the captain. However, the character of newly added players such as Lee Sang-dae and Kim Im-kwon is very good, and Higashiuchi, who is familiar with English and Korean, plays the role of the eldest sister and communicates well with foreign players such as B-Roll We Mars, so the team atmosphere is the best.토토사이트

Kim Ye-eun said, “I was worried about what to do if the fans’ support disappeared after Kudron left, but after the first round, I was happy to know that we were cheering a lot. We want to do better so that Kudron’s vacancy is not visible.” Higashiuchi, who puts the team first, said, “I was nervous because it was my first time in the team league, but now it’s better. I see the first round as an adaptation period,” he said. “Rather than being greedy to win, I focus on each ball and hit it.”

Conducting joint research with male players also helps increase strength. Kim Ye-eun, Lee Sang-dae, Choi Hye-mi, Kim Im-kwon, and Higashiuchi work together mainly with Seo Hyun-min to find improvements. Kim Ye-eun said, “I practice a lot of bank shots. I am confident in the three bank, but I am supplementing the one bank and two bank,” said Hyemi Choi. “Before the season, I raised a lot of practice in basic skills, etc. I am writing,” he said. Higashiuchi said, “I always worry about the angle between our restaurant and the queue.”

This team environment leads to a strong team atmosphere that encourages each other during the game. Kim Ye-eun, nicknamed ‘female Kudron’, said, “The team was too serious in the past. He didn’t smile much and looked too serious. Now, team members encourage each other. The ‘uncles’ create a relaxed atmosphere, so I have fun and laugh a lot even when I am sitting on the bench,” she said. He also said, “It’s really sad that Kudron, who taught me a lot after my father, has left, but it doesn’t break down just because Kudron left. That’s our team,” he added.

Welcome Savings Bank will challenge NH Nonghyup Card for a 2nd consecutive win on the 17th.