US University gave 0 points saying “I copied ChatGPT” and kicked out… Some students are innocent

A lecturer at a university in Texas, USA , is controversial when he announced that some students’ assignments would be treated as 0 points, saying that they copied texts written by generative artificial intelligence ‘ChatGPT ‘ .

The <Washington Post> reported on the 18th (local time메이저놀이터) that students taking an animal science class at the Commerce Campus of Texas A&M University said, “I gave ‘ X’ (0 points) to all students who took this class from instructor Jared Mumm. will be given,” he reported. It was the reason that the students cheated by using ChatGPT.

Meom used a software program to detect whether students’ essay assignments were written using an AI chatbot, and it was reported that the program concluded that the students’ assignments were the result of using an AI chatbot .

Most of the students in this class were about to graduate, and they were afraid that they would fail this course and not be able to graduate this semester. One student told the <Washington Post> that he was collecting evidence such as the time records of the Google Docs program for writing assignments to prove his innocence, saying, “I was really frustrated at the thought that my efforts were not recognized and my character was questioned.” .

The <Washington Post> pointed out that it is currently impossible to use ChatGPT to determine whether a particular article was created by artificial intelligence or not, and that there is no software that can accurately determine this yet. At the same time, he added that several companies have released ‘artificial intelligence identification’ software products, but when looking at the actual test results, there are many cases in which human writing is mistakenly judged as being written by artificial intelligence.

Commerce Campus spokesperson Michael Johnson said in a statement that “no student has failed the class or been barred from graduation. ”he said.