Unfair Kim Ha-seong combo, hit deleted because of superstar colleague → Great record stopped

The record-breaking march was stopped because of a ridiculous mistake by a superstar colleague.

The story of Xander Bogarts (31), the top shortstop of the San Diego Padres, losing a hit is bound to make you laugh. On the 4th (Korean time), Bogarts started as the 4th batter shortstop in the 2023 major league game against the Cincinnati Reds held at Petco Park in San Diego, California, USA.

In the bottom of the 5th inning, with the runner on first base in a no-out, Bogatz, who came out to bat, hit the bat in the direction of right field. Right fielder Stuart Fairchild attempted a diving catch, but the ball went one-bound into the glove. It is a situation where there is no doubt that it is a hit.

But then something strange happened. First base runner Juan Soto mistook it for an out, not a hit, and went to second base, then returned크크크벳 to first base. Second baseman Kevin Newman, who received a throw from right fielder, stepped on second base and Soto became a force out, and Bogatz’s hit was recorded as a ‘ground ball in front of right fielder’. Losing one precious hit because of a mistake by a superstar teammate.

In the end, Bogarts finished the day with no hits in 5 at-bats, and that’s how the record streak came to an end. Bogarts, who signed with San Diego for 11 years and $280 million ahead of this season, set a new San Diego franchise record by reaching base in 30 consecutive games. He surpassed Bobby Brown’s opening streak of 29 on base, which was the previous record. Had it not been for Soto’s mistake, Bogarts’ record streak would have been extended to 31 matches and once again made history. But now, Bogaerts’ on-base streak has been completely broken.

Breaking the opening record, Bogarts had a 32-game on-base streak, including last year’s record with the Boston Red Sox, which was also stopped. The San Diego Padres record for most consecutive on-base hits was held by Ryan Clesko in 2002. Clesco then had a 56-game on-base streak.

After the game, Bogatz said, “That’s baseball. No one knows what’s going to happen. Every day is different. Clearly, Soto didn’t make mistakes on purpose. He’ll get more hits in the future.” When Bogarts joined San Diego, Kim Ha-seong, who was a shortstop, moved to second base. Forming a keystone combination with Kim Ha-seong, Bogatz is leading the San Diego lineup with a batting average of .291, 6 homers and 13 RBIs this season.