Two passenger planes collide at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan…runway closed

Two passenger airliners collided with each other on Tuesday at Haneda Airport in Tokyo안전놀이터, Japan, in a potentially dangerous incident.

According to NHK and the Nikkei newspaper, a Taiwanese EVA Airlines and a Thai Airways passenger plane were passing near the taxiway at Haneda Airport at around 11:00 a.m. when their aircraft came into contact with each other.

As a result, the EVA and Thai Airways planes stopped on the runway while the exact circumstances of the accident were being confirmed.

NHK reported that the contact left part of the Thai Airways passenger jet’s wing dangling, and debris fell onto the nearby runway.

Following the accident, the Tokyo Airport Office sent staff to the scene to rush to confirm the situation and closed nearby Runway A, one of Haneda Airport’s four runways, where the Eva and Thai Airways planes were stalled.

As a result, some domestic and international flights, including those of All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines, taking off and landing at Haneda Airport are said to be delayed.

The Tokyo Fire Department said it has not yet received any reports of injuries in the incident.