Training in the ‘discord rumor’… Choi Ji-man was laughing, Pittsburgh was “not even an issue”

 It seemed that a solid road was open for Choi Ji-man (32), who wore a Pittsburgh uniform due to a trade at the end of last year. 바카라The team needed to strengthen the offensive power of the first base position, and only Choi was on the radar. There is no team that just neglects a player who was brought in through a trade. It didn’t mean to give it a chance.

However, there were two issues in the offseason. First of all, we couldn’t find an agreement in the 2023 salary negotiations and eventually went to the hearing. Choi Ji-man, who received 3.2 million dollars last year, asked for 5.4 million dollars (approximately 7 billion won) this year, while Pittsburgh held out, saying that it could not give more than 4.65 million dollars (approximately 6 billion won). In the end, no agreement was reached. Eventually, the hearing on the 18th (Korean time) raised Pittsburgh’s hand, and the salary for 2023 was confirmed last among the players on the team.

Whether or not to participate in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) was also controversial. Because Choi Ji-man moved to the U.S. immediately after graduating from high school, he always regretted not having a chance to play for the national team. I couldn’t go to the Olympics or the Premier 12 because the major league clubs didn’t allow me to go out at all. The only tournament I could go to was the WBC, and considering my age, it could have been the first and last opportunity for the Taegeuk mark on the adult stage. However, Pittsburgh blocked Choi Ji-man, who was even on the final list.

He came out with an elbow problem that he had surgery on at the end of last year. The logic was that if you want to play the season normally and healthily, you should slowly take more steps in the team’s spring training rather than going to the national team. Choi Ji-man explained that there was no problem with the swing itself and that he was performing batting training normally, but Pittsburgh’s final conclusion did not change. In the end, Choi Ji-man had no choice but to give up one seat.

Local media interprets these two issues as overlapping and creating an uncomfortable atmosphere between Choi Ji-man and Pittsburgh. Apparently, it is, and it is not unreasonable to evaluate it that way. But in the end, the major leagues are a thorough business. Choi Ji-man also accepted the salary adjustment and the ban on WBC selection. The past is the past, and now it’s time to watch the season and go.

Pittsburgh coach Derek Shelton said, “We will sit down and have a conversation with Choi Ji-man. We thought it was best for the team to have him in good shape. We have to prepare for the season,” but “it’s not even an issue. Don’t think so,” he said.

Choi Ji-man also normally digested his training schedule. There was no sign of discomfort in his actions. He had more laughs than ever. Officials in charge of the facility often talked to the new player, Choi Ji-man, and Choi greeted them warmly. Communication and conversations with his coaching staff and teammates were not a problem at all.

Pittsburgh also treated Choi Ji-man as a veteran by assigning him the best seat and two locker rooms. There were only two issues, and if you didn’t know those issues, it was a very normal spring training start. Choi Ji-man left after training normally on the 19th. Pittsburgh, where pitchers and catchers have already joined and are on an official schedule, will finally gather all the fielders on the 20th to form a complete team.