Tottenham’s ‘core engine’ Hoivier “Thank you, Korea”… The reason is?

 Tottenham Hotspur’s key midfielder Pierre-Emile Hoivier (바카라사이트27) left a message of thanks to Korean fans.

Hoivier conducted an exclusive interview with ‘Sportiv’, an English Premier League (PL) broadcaster. In the interview, Hoivier had time to personally check his information by looking at Namu Wiki, which is called Wikipedia in Korea.

He said that his height is bigger than what is known. Hoivier said, “I think it’s taller than this. I think it’s about 187cm or 186cm, but 185cm is fine, but if you can correct it, 186cm would be really accurate.” Regarding the weight, he smiled, saying, “85kg is correct. Maybe after Christmas it will go up a bit. But this is fine.”

The description of the player was very satisfactory. In Hoi Bier’s description, ‘Based on his good stamina, he doesn’t get tired even if he plays full-time. He is a hard worker with a lot of playing time and a lot of activity, and has been marked as ‘a very important player for the club’. Hoivier, who saw this, said, “Thank you very much. I am so kind and grateful,” and said, “I just did my duty and tried to do my best for the team.”

In fact, Hoivier is a player who is popular enough to rank third in uniform sales in Tottenham. Hugo Lloris (37) is called the next captain. Hoivier left a humble answer, saying, “I am also grateful for this.”

To the fans who wrote it themselves, Hoivier said, “Thank you so much. These were so grateful and positive phrases. I think it’s important to exchange positive thoughts with each other. That’s why I want to convey my gratitude.”

Lastly, Hoivier added, “I hope that someday, lifting the trophy and winning will be added to the question, “Is there any last explanation you want to add?”

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