Tottenham pointed out ‘England WC main GK’… “Better than Lloris”

Tottenham is watching Jordan Pickford (28, Everton).

Hugo Lloris (35) has been active as Tottenham’s main gatekeeper for more than 10 seasons since the 2012-13 season. Lloris is not tall, but he was in charge of the back based on his amazing reflexes. He has also demonstrated leadership at Tottenham, taking over as captain.

But lately mistakes have become frequent. This season, too, in the 12th round against Newcastle, it became the culprit of the defeat with two misjudgments connected to the conceded points. As he passed his mid-30s, his agility gradually declined. Naturally, the voice of finding a replacement for Lloris increased.

Tottenham put Pickford on the recruiting list, as England’s main gatekeeper at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. England’s ‘Football Insider’ said on the 19th (Korean time), “Tottenham are considering Pick Ford as a replacement for Lloris.”

After growing up at various clubs, Pickford wore the Everton uniform from the 2017-18 season. Pickford immediately took over as a starter and became a key player on the team. Like Lloris, he is not tall, but his quick reactions and confident kicks help the team.토토

Even in the World Cup, Pickford was the main player. Manager Gareth Southgate gave the gloves to Pickford, not Aaron Ramsdale. Although France finished the tournament in the quarter-finals with a 1-2 defeat to England, Pickford’s performance was outstanding.

Football Insider’s Frank McAverney praised Pickford. “Pickford is better than Lloris,” McAverney said. I think he is a very good goalkeeper. Pickford has to choose whether to stay at Everton and keep his place in the starting lineup or to challenge himself at a new club. He showed that he can be sure in a big game,” said Pickford, raising his hand.