‘Three consecutive wins’ Japanese captain Ishikawa “The advantage of playing the same volleyball no matter who comes out”

The Japanese men’s volleyball team recorded three consecutive victories in the 2023 VNL.

On the 10th Korean time, at the 2023 International Volleyball Federation안전놀이터 (FIVB) Ballet Ball Nations League (VNL) held in Nagoya, Japan, Japan won against Bulgaria 3-0 (25-22, 25-21, 26-24), got a shutout victory.

In this match, Japan played a big role, with Yuki Ishikawa scoring 17 points, Yuji Nishida 12 points, and Ran Takahashi scoring 10 points, with Japan’s tripod scoring double-digit points. In the VNL held at home, Japan collected 9 points in all three games and ranked second after the United States.

In particular, Ishikawa succeeded in reaching the 20-point high with a score of 20-18 in the third set and consecutive serves. Ishikawa, who led the shutout victory, said after the game, “I was more focused than usual. He hit the serve while being conscious of the course, and it led to good results.”

However, he showed regret in the attack. Ishikawa said, “Attack is not 100%. Receiving is also uneasy, so there are still many things I want to fix.”

Not only in the triangle formation, but also in substitutions such as Shoma Tomita and Tatsunori Otsuka, and performed well. Captain Ishikawa, who watched the players perform on the court, said, “I thought he understood his role and was doing well. No matter who gets better, the balance of the team is not broken. That is also our strength,” he praised and mentioned the strength of the team.

He continued, “While playing the game, the opportunities for various players to participate increased, and they played their role well. Even in a difficult situation, I feel that it is a great advantage to be able to develop the same play and similar volleyball no matter who is there.”

Meanwhile, at 19:10 today, Japan will challenge France for a 4-game winning streak in the last game of the 1st week of the VNL.