The transfer fee for a super-large prospect is 7 billion won… Barca aim to sign ‘Turkiye Messi’

Barcelona jumped into the recruitment of ‘Turkey’ Messi, not the real Lionel Messi.

Spanish media ‘Diario As’ reported on the 24th (Korean time), “Barcelona will promote the signing of Arda Güler (18, Fenerbahce)바카라사이트, who is called the Messi of Turkey this summer.”

Guiller is considered a player who will lead the future of Turkish football. Not only did he combine his sharp dribbling ability and goal-making ability, but he also caught the world’s attention with his versatility, playing not only as a left and right winger, but also as a second striker and attacking midfielder.

He is even being evaluated as the Messi of Turkey. Despite his young age, Güler has already been named in Fenerbahçe’s first team from last season and even enjoyed the honor of being compared to Messi’s childhood.

His next season has a question mark attached to it. According to reports, if Güler’s playing time does not reach 1,500 minutes this season, a buyout clause of 5 million euros (about 7 billion won) will be triggered. Guiller’s playing time this season is only 628 minutes.

Barcelona cannot miss this opportunity. ‘Diario Ars’ predicted that “Even if Barcelona are insecure about their finances, if Guiller’s buyout clause is triggered, they are likely to jump into the deal.”