The strongest player in the One Championship “The best moment was the victory over Wonil Kwon”

Asia’s largest organization ‘ONE Championship’ Bantamweight No. 1 beat Kwon Won-il (27) as the highlight of his mixed martial arts career.

Fabricio Andrade (25, Brazil) said in an interview with the One Championship official website and the 2022 settlement of accounts, “Beating Kwon Won-il is the best memory after my debut as a mixed martial arts professional.”

In a bantamweight match in June of this year, Andraj knocked out Wonil Kwon with a body kick 1 minute and 2 seconds into the match. It was six consecutive wins in mixed martial arts after debuting at the One Championship in 2020.

At the time, Andraji was fourth in the rankings. “I defeated Kwon Won-il in second place and received a bonus of 50,000 dollars (approximately 65 million won) (separate from the match fee). As the economic situation improved, everything in my life began to improve as a result.”

“I can afford to invest in my fighter career,” Andraj said. It was a very important step needed to develop into a better player,” he explained why defeating Kwon Won-il was the best moment of his life.

Andraji, who became second in the One Championship ranking instead of Kwon Won-il, rose to first place after a confrontation with bantamweight champion John Lineker (32, Brazil) last October. Lineker, who lost the throne due to a weigh-in failure, fell to second place.

Although the title fight itself was invalidated due to an attack in the 3rd round where Andraj hit Lineker’s vitals, he was recognized as the strongest bantamweight division of the One Championship with a dominant fight until the accident.

ONE Championship will host ONE on Prime Video 7 on February 11, 2023 at the Jakarta Convention Center (capacity 5000), Indonesia. The main event is the bantamweight championship match between No. 1 Andrazi and No. 2 Lineker. 토토

ONE on Prime Video 7 adjusts the schedule so that major matches can be watched live on the global OTT service ‘Amazon Prime Video’ from 8:00 pm on February 10, next year in New York, USA.

Lineker-Andrade 1 was held as the main event of ONE on Prime Video 3 at Asiata Arena in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (capacity 16,000). Andraji looked back on 2022, saying, “It was a year in which many viewers and spectators recognized the existence and skills of a fighter called me.”

“I will become a one-championship bantamweight champion and succeed in my first defense.” This is the New Year’s goal that Andraj, who has grown into a world-class mixed martial arts star, has revealed.