The Painful Experiences of an Affiliate Marketer With the Magic Bullet System Launch – Part 2 of 3

This is part two of the video series on my experiences with the Magic Bullet System Launch. As before, I would like to share with you my “unpleasant” experience, as affiliate marketer, attempting to get a little extra income in my pocket, and why as a result, in the end, I even paid for purchasing the package. In this part, I will be going into more detail about the Magic Bullet System product and how I got hooked up.

Just to recap, primarily, the essence of the 메이저사이트 Magic Bullet System seems to be, that it claims to be a complete Internet based software suite, targeted towards those affiliate marketers who are non-technical, but still desire to automate their business as much as possible. What you do is create a project targeting, a certain website or niche (keyword), and the following steps, can be applied in a similar way for each project:

  1. Choose the (niche) keyword, and the Magic Bullet System is supposed to help finding advertisements, that have been running for some time, giving you their average position, price per click, number of days and a score for their profitability (I wonder how they calculate this?). Not bad, but there are other, cheaper tools, that do the same.
  2. It also offers demographic info about any websites. (You will probably be able to find this information on Alexa and quantcast too)
  3. The next step of the Magic Bullet System, consists in offering some of the affiliate products, available on the CPA networks, the software accesses in real time. After you choose the products you would like to promote, you add them to your project and create PPC ads. The Magic Bullet System will then generate the import files for Yahoo, Google and Bing and the banners ads for the Search Engines Content Network. Not bad either! But aren’t there a lot of similar, and again, less pricy tools out there?
  4. Now you will make your choice about the desired promotion strategy -whether it will be a simple landing page, a blog or direct linking. All will be generated for you by the Magic Bullet System, which will create the WordPress blog with your chosen design, directly on your domain server. It takes me 5 minutes to setup a blog on my hosting account. We will have to see what will be generated! Do you trust generated content? I don’t!
  5. Here comes what they state as one of the most important advantages; the integrated ad and keyword level a tracking, as well as split and testing. The Magic Bullet System logs in to the CPV/CPA websites and, on the basis of your PPC data, evaluates the level of success of your campaigns and automatically adapts biddings and removes all non profitable parts. Sounds great! All you need to do is to export the resulting files, then import them again into Yahoo, AdWords or Bing so you can enjoy your rising profits. At least, they intend to make it look that simple. Google also offers automatic bidding, for free! Why should the Magic Bullet System be better than Google? I doubt it! Well there is one difference, calculations as supposed to be based on sales too. We will see how clever, or magic, the Magic Bullet System really is.

It sounds magical, but is it real? Well, I already mentioned, that I have a nice collection of all required tools, to “successfully” implement a similar process, but what I have also learned from some bad experience in the past, is that no software can help you, to magically find the most profitable niche, keyword, product and ads, or to write a convincing “sales copy” for your sales page. You are always left alone, to make these most important choices, and have to rely on your creativity and common sense.

The initial conclusion could be, The “Magic Bullet does not exist!; and none, or very few of those bonuses, would help you either! But what was the reason, why I finally decided to buy this Magic Bullet System? Well,

  1. Firstly, the Magic Bullet bonuses and Magic Bullet System training alone seem to be outstanding. Or, why did people pay $4000 only to get on the bonus training?
  2. Secondly, a well-known fact is that affiliate marketing is a so-called “numbers game”. If you test and track more, you will be able to take advantage of some profitable campaigns that should more than compensate for the losses.
  3. Despite the fact that the “toolset” I already have is quite extensive, it will not save me the time required for preparation, running, tracking and modifying the huge number of campaigns required to be able to pick out the winners. But if my estimations are correct and the Magic Bullet System lowers this time by only 20%, and improves my campaigns by 10%, I shout get my ROI in just one or two months. (I am making these numbers up; I wish I could calculate my numbers so precisely. In any case, even a minor improvement would give my suffering self-esteem a boost!)
  4. They give us the opportunity to test the Magic Bullet System for 6 weeks, and give a money back guarantee without asking questions. In any case if I asked for a refund, they would probably not like my answers a lot.

Well, I still couldn’t make up my mind! Oops, again, this has got longer than I expected. I will continue on the next video 1.3, where I will talk about what finally made me purchase the Magic Bullet System, how I “accidentally” started promoting it, and the amount of money I lost, etc.