The KLPGA Tour season’s ‘strongest player’ will be determined… Wemix Championship November ‘Tee Off’

The Wemix Championship, which determines the strongest player of the KLPGA Tour season, will be held for two days starting November 18 at Haeundae Beach Golf & Resort in Gijang, Busan.

The Wemix Championship is the last event of the season held after the regular KLPGA Tour tournament. A total of 24 players will participate, including the top 20 players in the Wemix point rankings and 4 invited players.

Wemix points are awarded for each tournament based on the KLPGA Tour Wemade target point rankings and official records. The ranking is determined by accumulated points over a season.

Bonus prize money worth a total of 500,000 WEMIX (WEMIX cryptocurrency) will be paid differentially to players ranked from 1st to 60th in Wemix points. The top 20 players will also be eligible to participate in the Wemix Championship.안전놀이터

The total prize money for the Wemix Championship is 1 million Wemix. Prize money is paid differentially according to ranking. In the same way as the Wemix Point Bonus prize money award method, the prize money is paid in the form of NFT.

On the first day of the competition, the top 12 Wemix Points rankers will play against the 12 bottom rankers in a single match play format. On the second day, the winner and loser of the first day’s match play will be divided into Final A and Final B, respectively, and the match will be played in stroke play.

The winner of Final A Group becomes the final champion. The rankings of 1st to 12th in the Final A group and 13th to 24th in the Final B group are determined.

A WeMade official said, “The Wemix Championship will be the world’s first blockchain-based sports competition,” adding, “We will present a festival suitable for the finale of the season to provide special enjoyment and experience to both players and galleries.” “He said.