The joy of winning is only for a moment’ Oh Se-geun – Moon Seong-gon, who should I choose 

If you could only catch one of KGC’s Oh 메이저사이트Se-geun and Moon Seong-gon, who would you choose?

The 2022-2023 season men’s professional basketball ended with Anyang KGC’s miraculous victory. But the joy is short-lived. KGC has to get into troublesome traffic control.

KBL is really pathetic. KGC and Seoul SK played the best match ever in the championship match, creating a great drama. Winners and losers received applause. 6 out of 7 games were sold out, and the box office was great after a long time. Then, you need to make this lingering feeling last for a long time, such as the settlement of accounts for the championship match and in-depth interviews with coaches and players. However, the FA list is announced immediately the day after the winning team is confirmed. All you have to do is pour cold water on the festive atmosphere and move on to another topic.

FA. This is a topic that fans will be more interested in than winning. When billions of dollars of money come and go, and even if a key player is transferred, the team that wins or loses a player changes rapidly.

Among the 47 free agent candidates, Oh Se-geun, Moon Seong-gon (above KGC), Choi Jun-yong (SK), Yang Hong-seok (KT), and Lee Dae-seong (Gas Corporation) can be selected. The interest is whether the winning team, KGC, can protect Oh Se-geun and Moon Seong-gon, who occupy a huge part of their power, at the same time.

Since both of them are the main players in the championship, it is clear that they want to be treated well. Oh Se-geun may be the last free agent, so he will want a stable long-term contract, and Moon Seong-gon is at the peak of his skills, so it should be seen that it is difficult to get unless he has a multi-year contract.

However, there is a sally recap, and in the case of KGC, since it is not a ‘big market’, the amount of money spent is limited. Assuming that you have to spend a large amount of money as a title sponsor for the next season after winning the championship, the ‘pie’ invested in recruiting players can be further reduced.

Realistically, then, one of the two of you may have to accept a situation where you have to give up. There are similar cases in KGC history. When Yang Hee-jong and Kim Tae-sul became free agents at the same time in 2014, KGC gave Yang Hee-jong a large sum and Tae-sul Kim signed and traded to Jeonju KCC. Also, when Oh Se-geun and Lee Jung-hyun obtained FA qualifications side by side after the combined championship in 2017, KGC chose Oh Se-geun as the pillar. Lee Jung-hyun declared going to KCC just like Kim Tae-sul.

This case is almost the same. In a situation where they have to raise the salaries of other players by winning the combined championship, it seems difficult to match the ransom of the two unless they give back money. But it’s too hard.

It is hard to imagine KGC without ‘franchise star’ Oh Se-geun. It seems natural to follow the same path as Yang Hee-jong, who retired with this victory. But the older you are, the higher the risk of injury. It is necessary to keep in mind the possibility of failing after signing a long-term contract with a large amount of money.

Moon Seong-gon plays an unmatched performance in defense and rebounding with a tremendous amount of activity. He is sincere and hardworking, so any coach can’t help but adore him. However, there is a limit that the team cannot completely change with this one player. In a situation where other position members are equipped, Moon Seong-gon is a player who can create a dramatic effect only when he is put in a position where he does dirty work. There is no Oh Se-geun, so the fight under the goal is pushed back, but it means that victory does not come to KGC unconditionally even if Moon Seong-gon erases the opponent’s ace with defense.

Of course, we cannot rule out a dramatic scenario in which KGC catches both of them. The two of them just need to make some concessions for coexistence. However, in the professional world, it is not easy to come out.