The Glazer family, the sale of Manchester United is becoming more and more a reality… “Sell within 4 weeks”

Man United’s popularity is worldwide. Since the launch of the English Premier League (EPL), it has lifted the most championship trophies, and has become a club with fans around the world by producing world-class players such as Eric Cantona, David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, and Cristiano Ronaldo. 토토사이트

The person who has been leading Man United for 17 years is the Glazer family. It is true that he has a lot of financial power to lead the world’s best club, but his public reputation is not good.

It hasn’t received good reviews in the past 17 years. They did not invest in the development of club facilities and youth systems, which are essential for the growth of the club, and recruited star players to temporarily quell fan dissatisfaction, but this was only a stopgap measure.

In the end, the strand is being caught by the sale. British agent Haydn Dodge said in an exclusive interview with British media ‘Curt Offside’, “Negotiations are underway to sell the club between the Glazer family and American investment companies. It has been signed,” he said, explaining the current progress.

Also, recently there have been reports that the sale will take place in the coming weeks. Reporter Mike Keegan, who has a reputation for news related to the Manchester area, said, “The Glazer family is in the mood to sell the Manchester United club completely. Now, there are a few official procedures left until the sale, and it will be finished within four weeks.”

Meanwhile, several candidates are also on the way. A representative candidate is British rich man Jim Ratcliffe. According to British media ‘Sky Sports’, “Jim Ratcliffe, one of the richest people in England, is a strong candidate to buy Manchester United.” Ratcliffe is a football fan who also owns OGC Nice and is making a name for himself.

Meanwhile, Manchester United are running up the rankings from the beginning of the season. Manchester United, which is currently in fourth place in the league, is trying to recreate its past glory under manager Eric Ten Hag.