The development of esports

In the later stage of the 1980s esports was starting to get dominated by Nintendo as they took the control, graphics, and accessibility of gaming to a whole new level.

The first Nintendo Entertainment System made its mark on North America back in the mid-1980s. Which was followed by the release of the Super NES in 1991. With Super Nintendo, came Super Mario and the biggest game of the 90s, StreetFighter 2, The World Warrior. 메이저놀이터

Nintendo was also one of the first companies that acted on the potential of esports and launched their world champions ship in the 1990s. In addition to that, the designers and the game developers were successful in making video games much more accessible to everyone than in the previous decade.

The next world championship was held by Nintendo in 1994. The event was a huge success with a massive number of spectators at the grand finale held in San Diego, California.

These events made the road map to the esports events we see today. In the late 90’s it was relatively difficult for gamers to connect to one another, as there were no social media or well-established regular gaming tournaments.

And with the rise of the internet and PC gaming, esports finally elevated to another level.