The body of a ‘cannibal’ shark found on the coast of Jeju Island… Caught alive last month

The body of a hairless shark known to attack people was found on the coast of Seogwipo, Jeju.

According to the Seogwipo Maritime Police Station today (12th)안전놀이터, at around 10:55 am yesterday (11th), a report was received that a shark was dead on the seashore in front of Jaguri Park in Seogwipo-si.

As a result of the investigation, it was confirmed that the shark was a hairless shark with a length of about 1m26cm and a circumference of 52cm.

The hairless shark has been identified as one of the species of man-eating sharks that attack humans due to its ferocious nature. Adult fish can grow up to 3 m.

The hairless shark is widely distributed throughout the temperate waters of the entire ocean, and has often been caught in the West Sea, the South Sea, and the waters off Jeju Island in Korea.

Earlier in Jeju, an angler caught a live hairless shark while fishing on a boat last May.It has been confirmed that the hairless shark is not a protected marine creature.An official from the Seogwipo Coast Guard said, “If you find a shark in the sea, don’t panic, and it’s safe to evacuate out of the water by minimizing movement, such as not hitting the water pole.”