‘Team Above 2.316’ NHK Card sweeps Eswai…first win of Round 3

The NHL Card started the third round on a high note by sweeping the defending second-round champion Eswai.

On the first day of the 23/24 Season Welcome Savings Bank Team League 3R at Kintex PBA Stadium in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, NHK Card swept Eswai 4:0. Hana Card won a hard-fought 4:3 victory over Crown HaeTae, and Blue One defeated SK Rent-a-Car 4:1. Haiwon, which was at the bottom of the 2R, won 4:1 against Huons.바카라

After the first round of matches, the NHL Card Green Force Blue One & Angels High One Winners (1 win, 3 points) are tied for first place, followed by Hana Card Hanapay (1 win, 2 points) in fourth, and Crown Hae Taeron (1 win, 1 point) in fifth. The remaining three teams, SK Rent-a-Car Direct, Huon’s Healthcare Legend, and Eswai Bazar (over 1 loss, 0 points), are tied for sixth place. Welcome Savings Bank WellBank Phoenix did not play on the day.

After winning the first round and narrowly finishing second in the second round, the NHK Card easily defeated Eswai to claim three points.

In the first set (men’s doubles), Cho Jae-ho and Kim Hyun-woo defeated Sanchez and Hwang Duk-hee 11:2 in two games. In the second set (women’s doubles), Kim Min-ah and Kim Bomi defeated Han Ji-eun and Lee Woo-kyung 9:3 in three games to take a 2:0 lead.

In the third set (men’s singles), the NHL Card defeated Sanchez 15:10 (11 games) with a high run of six points, and in the fourth set (mixed doubles), Oh Sung-wook and Kim Bomi won 9:3 in three games against Lee Young-hoon and Han Seul-gi. On this day, the NHL Card’s ‘team love’ reached 2.316.

In the second round, the bottom-ranked Haiwon showed signs of rebounding with a 4:1 victory over the Huons. Hi-Won started well in the first set, as Chenet and Lee Chung-bok defeated Palazon and Kim Bong-chul 11:5 in four games, but lost the second set to take the set 1:1.

HAIWON won the third and fourth sets before Chenet won the fifth set (men’s singles) with a high run of 9 points to defeat Palazon 11:3 (4 innings).

Hanacard defeated Crown HaeTae 4:3 with two wins from Shin JeongJoo, and Blue One, with two wins from Zapata and Kang MinKoo, secured its first win in 3R with a 4:1 victory over SK Rent-a-Car. [Kim Dong-woo, MK Billboard News reporter]