‘Silly’ Park Ji-hyun, Ha Chan-seok’s Most Wanted Ranking Top… Acquired her first title in her life ‘4th dan → 5th dan’

Park Ji-hyun, 4th dan, won her first title.

Ji-Hyun Park won the finals of the 11th Ha Chan-Seok-Gook Cup Gifted and Talented Tournament held at the Hapcheon Culture and Arts Center in Hapcheon-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do on the 16th, defeating Je-Hoon Won 3rd Dan in 272 moves.

Park Ji-hyun, 4th dan, born in 2005 and this was her last appearance, achieved a final victory by winning in her third appearance in the competition. The winner, Park Ji-hyun, 4th dan, was promoted to 5th dan according to the Korea Kiwon promotion regulations.

Park Ji-hyun, who caught the black, carried out a practical strategy and took control of the game. Won Je-hoon skillfully eliminated the central back forces of the 4th dan to maintain a slight advantage, and as a result, won with 2 and a half points remaining.

Park Ji-hyun said, “I am even more happy because it is my first win since joining the team,” and added, “I will work hard to become a player who can consistently achieve results in the future.”

In the 11th Ha Chan-seok Kook Soo Cup Gifted Competition, 25 professional players born after 2005 participated and selected 6 finalists through the preliminary Swiss league held on August 12-13.

In the final round, the 6 preliminaries (Jihyun Park, 4th dan, Jehoon Won, Eungyu Choi, Woojin Jeong, Seungjin Kim, and Park Dongju, 3rd dan) and the seeded 9th dan Woojin Han and Eunji Kim, 6th dan, joined to determine the finalists through a quarterfinals tournament.

[Photo] Provided by Korea Times

Meanwhile, the awards ceremony held after the finals was attended by Hapcheon County Mayor Kim Yun-cheol, Hapcheon County Council Chairman Cho Sam-sul, Hapcheon County Sports Council President Yoo Dal-hyung, Hapcheon Baduk Association President Park Sang-gon, and Korea Association of Korea Secretary General Yang Jae-ho.

At the award ceremony, Hapcheon County Governor Kim Yun-cheol said, “Now in its 11th year, the Ha Chan-Seok Guksoo Cup Gifted Baduk Competition is becoming a cradle for popularizing Korean Baduk and nurturing the next generation of Baduk talent,” and added, “I would like to thank Park Ji-hyun, 4th Dan, and Won Je-hoon, 3rd Dan, who showed great games today. “I would like to express my gratitude and congratulations, and I look forward to becoming a treasure of Korean Baduk that dominates the world of Baduk.”바카라

Hapcheon County Mayor Kim Yun-cheol awarded prize money of 10 million won and a trophy to winner Park Ji-hyun, 4th dan, and Hapcheon County Council Chairman Cho Sam-sul awarded 5 million won in prize money to runner-up Won Je-hoon, 3rd dan.

The time limit for the 11th Ha Chan Seok-gook Cup Gifted and Talented Competition, sponsored by Hapcheon-gun and hosted and organized by the Korea Foundation, was 20 minutes each with 20 seconds of additional time in the Fisher method.