Seonhong Hwang, U-24 national team to Hangzhou? “Tokyo Olympics and Chengdu U Games are precedents”

The soccer team participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games, which was postponed for a year in the aftermath of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), is not the U-23 national team, but the U-24 (under 24) national team. The possibility of forming a has increased.

The Hangzhou Asian Games will kick off on 메이저사이트 September 23rd and run until October 8th in Hangzhou, China. The Hangzhou Asian Games were originally scheduled to be held last year, but were postponed for a year as the Corona 19 situation in China worsened.

As the tournament was postponed for a year, questions about the age adjustment of the players who will participate in the men’s soccer event grew. The Asian Games men’s soccer team must be composed of players under the age of 23, excluding three wild cards.

As of the 2nd, when the tournament is about 7 months away, the Asian Games Organizing Committee has not made an official statement, but it is predicted that the age limit for men’s soccer will change to 24 years old.

An official from the Korea Olympic Committee said, “There is no official announcement from the organizing committee yet. However, among working-level officials, it is expected that the age of participation in men’s soccer will be changed to 24.”

“There is a precedent in the Tokyo Olympics and the Chengdu Universiade,” he said. “At the time of the Tokyo Olympics, the restriction on participating in the soccer team was extended by one year. The Chengdu Universiade also raised the age of eligibility for participation by two years as a whole.”

The Tokyo Olympics, which were scheduled to be held in 2020, were held in 2021, a year later in the aftermath of Corona 19, and at that time, the age of participation in men’s soccer increased by one year from 23 years old or younger to 24 years old or younger. As a result, players who were only 24 years old at the time, such as Lee Dong-jun (Jeonbuk), Lee Dong-gyeong (Hanja Rostock), Kim Dong-hyun, Kim Jin-gyu (above Gimcheon), and Jeong Seung-won (Suwon) were able to participate.

In the existing Universiade competition, only university students or graduates of the previous year between the ages of 18 and 25 can participate. However, in consideration of the special situation that was postponed for two years, the competition, which will be held in July, has been granted qualifications up to the age of 27.

If the age of the men’s soccer team in the Hangzhou Asian Games increases to 24 years old, it is worth looking forward to the participation of players from the national team, such as Jung Woo-young (Freiburg), Song Min-gyu (Jeonbuk), Cho Young-wook (Gimcheon), and Um Won-sang (Ulsan), who were born in 1999. Do.