Seong Park, the only senior at Dankook University, “It’s burdensome, but I also get greedy.”

Dankook University’s eldest sister Park Seong-eun(C, 177cm) played a big role and led the team to three consecutive victories.

Dankook University won 66-39 in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League match against Suwon University held at Dankook University Cheonan Campus Gymnasium on the 24th. Dankook University’s captain and only senior, Park Sung-eun카지노사이트, took the lead in winning by recording a double-double with 15 points and 12 rebounds. Dankook University (3 wins, 1 loss), which had three consecutive victories, followed closely behind the leader, Suwon University (4 wins, 1 loss).

Park Sung-eun said, “The game went well with a good atmosphere from the beginning, and I think I won by continuing that atmosphere to the end. It was a burden because it was a home game, but I think there was an advantage at home.”

Dankook University was showing a strong performance against Suwon University. Last year, they met three times in the U-League and won all of them, and from 2021, including the game on this day, they recorded only one loss in nine confrontations in the U-League and MBC. Suwon University was winning 4 consecutive wins this season, but Dankook University did not care and won an overwhelming victory.

Park Sung-eun said, “We have a high average height among women’s college teams. You can take advantage of this to take advantage of scoring and rebounding. Suwon University has a good positional balance and is in the midst of 4 consecutive wins, so I came out with a lot of preparation. The fast attack was very successful, and it seems that all the players played happily together.”

Seongeun Park, a senior in her senior year, plans to challenge the WKBL rookie selection this year. Park Sung-eun said, “I am the only senior in the team, so people around me expect a lot. He is honestly burdened, but also greedy.”

What do you think is Park Seong-eun’s strength? Park Sung-eun said, “My strength is my court vision. He’s a big man, but he also has the passing ability to keep his teammates alive, and he’s good at rebounding. I will maximize the advantage of the remaining time. Since the coach took over, he has been catching a lot of shots. In today’s game, I didn’t go well in the first half, but I was able to gain confidence because I did well in the second half.”

Park Seong-eun led Dankook University as captain and took the lead in winning three consecutive victories. Will Park Seong-eun, who continues his steady efforts, catch both his team performance and his individual pro nomination?