Samsung Seoul Hospital PA nurse caught violating medical law

As the Korean Nursing Association entered into a compliance struggle, saying, “I refuse to follow illegal instructions,” the controversy over the illegality of the practice of PA/Physician Assistant nurses rose to the surface again. The police are also capturing the circumstances of illegal medical practices by PA nurses at domestic large hospitals and are verifying the facts. It was reported on the 18th that the Suseo Police Station in Seoul, which is investigating the suspicion of hiring PA

nurses at Samsung Seoul Hospital, is investigating the circumstances in which a PA nurse is suspected of engaging in medical practice outside of a license. Previously, in December of last year, the Korean Association of Pediatricians filed a complaint with the police, saying that Samsung Seoul Hospital had violated the law when Samsung Seoul Hospital posted an announcement to hire a contract PA nurse and actually hired one. At the time, the hospital side explained that it was only using a name commonly used in the industry, and that there were no work orders beyond the scope of the license. The Ministry of Health and Welfare also took the position that PA nurse recruitment announcements alone could not be considered illegal. However, the police are a PA working at Samsung Seoul Hospital.

It is known that the nurse secured a statement that she actually performed medical activities, such as measuring the amount of urine with an actual ultrasound test. This constitutes a violation of the Medical Act. The police, who listened to the statements of hospital officials메이저사이트, then inquired about the contents of the Korean Medical Association and the Korean Nursing Association and are waiting for an answer. A police official said, “We plan to make an overall decision based on the opinions of both associations.” Under the current law, practicing medicine without a license can result in up to five years in prison or a fine of up to 50 million won. PA

nurses , also called ‘operating room nurses’, are in charge of tasks such as prescriptions, surgery, records, and blood collection on behalf of doctors. Although the operation itself is against the law in Korea, on-site medical practice by PA nurses has been tolerated for reasons such as lack of manpower. It is also a cross section of the dark shadow of the domestic medical system. In fact, in a survey conducted by the National Health and Medical Industry Labor Union in 2020 on 288 PA personnel, 93.4% of the respondents answered that they were doing doctor work. Currently, the number of PA nurses active in Korea is estimated to exceed 10,000. The problem of PA nurses came to the surface along with conflicts over nursing laws. On the 17th, the Nursing Association protested against President Yoon Seok-yeol’s exercise of the right to veto the Nursing Act, and PA

The nurse declared that she would refuse the customary medical practice. In addition, the list of tasks to be refused included not only proxy prescriptions, surgeries, and records, but also blood sampling, ultrasound, and electrocardiogram tests. The Nursing Association went further and believed that this practice was spreading due to illegal instructions from hospitals, and decided to collect cases by operating an illegal medical treatment reporting center.

Medical groups are also in a position to normalize illegal medical practices by PA nurses. Park Myung-ha, chairman of the Korea Medical Association Emergency Response Committee, said, “Under the current medical law, the scope of nurses’ duties does not exist in detail, so a trial or authoritative interpretation must be followed for illegality.” We are preparing guidelines for the scope of work.”