Russia says it fired more than 100 drones, missiles at Ukrainian capital…second day of massive ‘airstrikes’

Reuters “Ukraine counteroffensive to retake territory seen imminent토토사이트.

Russia steps up attacks on Ukrainian military infrastructure, supply ships”

Russia has launched a second day of massive air strikes on Ukraine’s capital city of Kiev, Reuters and the Kiev Independent reported on Monday (local time). More than 100 drone (unmanned aerial vehicle) and missile strikes were unleashed in what analysts say is an attempt to stifle any Ukrainian counterattack.

According to Ukrainian authorities, Russian drones and cruise missiles have been flying over the city since around 3 a.m., hitting the center of the city. This is the 15th air strike this month, and Russia also used a large number of Iranian-made Shahad drones in the early hours of the previous day, the anniversary of the city’s founding.

“Another difficult night has come to the capital,” said Chiayi Mayor Vitaly Klitschko in a Telegram message announcing the strike. Witnesses told Reuters that air raid warnings had been sounding across the city and town since dawn, with several loud explosions heard. The military said it shot down more than 40 of the drones and missiles that flew over the city, though the exact damage or casualties are not yet known.

Damage inside an administrative building in Chiayi, the site of two days of heavy Russian airstrikes on April 28. EFP-Yonhap

Russia appears to be stepping up attacks targeting Ukraine’s military infrastructure and supply lines amid observations that a major Ukrainian counteroffensive to retake territory is imminent, Reuters explained.

Overnight, Russian forces used Iranian-made drones to launch their largest air strikes since the start of the war against Kiev. Ukraine said it shot down 58 of the 59 that were launched, killing two and wounding three. “Weapons like the Shahed drones used in this attack will not be able to protect Russia’s rulers,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his regular address.