Right after the G7, all Korean portals in China were blocked… It’s been 4 years since ‘THAAD retaliation’

 Today (22nd) right after

the G7 summit ended, access to the Naver portal site was blocked in China. It’s been 4 years since 2019 when the THAAD retaliatory measures continued that all Korean companies’ sites were blocked in China. China did not reveal a separate reason, but some analyze that China is taking full-scale retaliatory measures.

This is Correspondent Seonghoon Park from Beijing먹튀검증.


Searching for Naver on the Internet does not open it.

‘Shortcut’ appears in a white window, but it is not connected.

In China, access to Naver, the largest portal site in Korea, has been blocked since morning.

In the meantime, Naver cafes and blog services where you can write personal opinions have been blocked, but this is the first time that even a simple news search has been blocked.

[Jang Hye-young/Vice President of the Korean Association of China: I was embarrassed because I couldn’t access Naver all of a sudden. There were some people who asked, but we are also in a frustrating situation.]

After the THAAD retaliatory measures, the portal site Daum Kakao was blocked in January 2019, four years and four months later, all Korean sites were blocked.

In China, major overseas portals such as Google and Yahoo have already been blocked by the ‘Great Firewall’.

The Chinese authorities are not presenting any position regarding Naver blocking.

However, there are observations that it is not irrelevant to a series of incidents, such as recent South Korea aligning with the United States and Japan in the security and economic fields and speaking about the Taiwan issue.