‘Return to team training’ Messi withdraws PSG punishment → There was a secret contract

While Messi officially apologized for 토스카지노the punishment he received from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), it is known that a secret contract between Messi and PSG existed.

French media RMC Sports said on the 12th (Korean time) that ‘Messi’s apology hides a secret contract’ and ‘Messi traveled to Saudi Arabia without the club’s consent and was punished for two weeks. Messi posted an apology on social media after his secret deal with PSG. Messi could not refute PSG’s warning. Messi wanted to discuss the incident with PSG, and for this, Messi and PSG signed a secret agreement. Messi and PSG have agreed that Messi will apologize and return to training.

Messi left for Saudi Arabia without PSG’s approval after playing the 2022-23 season French Ligue 1 home game against Lorient on the 1st, causing controversy. Messi spent time in Saudi Arabia, including filming commercials for Saudi Arabia Tourism. Messi was absent from PSG’s training and PSG handed him a two-week ban. Messi was punished by not being able to participate even in training with his teammates and not receiving two weeks’ salary.

Messi announced an apology on his SNS on the 6th after his trip to Saudi Arabia became controversial. “I apologize for my behavior. I am waiting for the club’s decision. I think there will be a rest day after the game like last week. I planned to go to Saudi Arabia. I couldn’t cancel this time.” Messi has returned to PSG training after announcing his apology via social media.

Regarding Messi’s punishment for going to Saudi Arabia, Argentine media TyC Sports said, ‘Messi told the club that he could go to Saudi Arabia. It was a trap that Messi called to attend training while boarding a plane and en route to Saudi Arabia. Even more cowardly, he raised suspicions, saying, “Messi disguised himself as not attending training without permission.”

PSG, whose contract with PSG expires after the end of this season, is likely to leave the team. Messi’s possibility of returning to Barcelona is attracting attention, and Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal is known to have offered Messi an annual salary of 400 million euros (approximately 584 billion won).