‘Queen Yuna’ on the ice again… “Can you speak English?” racist American women

The first video shows ‘Figure Skating Queen’ Yuna Kim showing off her figure skating skills against the background of snowy mountains in Canada. On the 18th메이저사이트, Yuna Kim posted a video of herself on her SNS (her social network service). In her video, Yuna Kim appeared in a Tourism Canada promotional video to commemorate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Canada. Yuna Kim showed off her rust-free figure skating skills on the ice of Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies. She seems to have appeared in this promotional video because Yuna Kim has a relationship with Canada, the ‘ice powerhouse’, such as winning a gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada.

A video of a Korean influencer being racially discriminated against by American women during a live broadcast has been released. /Video = Gemini Jury TikTok

The second is a video of a Korean influencer being racist by American women. According to Next Shark, an American media outlet specializing in Asia, on the 15th (local time), Gemini Zuri, an influencer based in Los Angeles, USA, recently suffered racial discrimination, and she released a video of the situation at the time. In the video, she conducted a video call with two American women, and these women laughed at her, saying, “Can you speak English?” When Juri tried to end her phone call at their attitude, one of the women acted racist by ‘tearing her eyes’ demeaning Asians. Later, Juri posted a video of this scene on social media , and she said, “I hope it will help people realize what racism Asians are experiencing.”

A live cat came out instead of a doll from a doll machine in Brazil, drawing attention. /Video = Daily Mail

The third is a video in which live cats replace dolls in a claw machine in Brazil. According to the British Daily Mail on the 11th (local time), a man and his wife stopped at a rest stop while traveling to see his family in Bonito , Brazil . At this time, he tried to draw a doll and succeeded in drawing an elephant doll. However, the moment the man moved the doll and dropped it into the slot, a live cat jumped out of the machine, not an elephant doll. A cat who had been sleeping in the machine passage woke up when a stuffed elephant fell and came out. This man was delighted, saying, “It’s the best gift I’ve ever received while drawing dolls.”