Professional volleyball Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance resumes youth volleyball classes

Professional volleyball Samsung Fire & Marine Blue Fangs announced on the 17th that it had resumed its youth volleyball class, 스포츠토토 which had been temporarily suspended due to the spread of Corona 19 last year.

Currently, about 100 elementary and middle school students are active in the Samsung Fire & Marine Blue Fance youth volleyball class, drawing great interest from Daejeon citizens and closing early with 150% of the initial planned recruitment.

According to the club, the response from participants is very good. I am having a good time learning volleyball every Sunday. In order to increase the satisfaction of the participants, the club spares no support such as game viewing and escort kids events so that both the volleyball class students and their families can enjoy it.

In particular, a happy face is in charge of the youth volleyball class education at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. It is coach Kim Na-woon from Samsung Fire & Marine Bluefangs.

Coach Kim Na-woon said, “It is an honor to have the opportunity to teach children volleyball, but it is also burdensome. It is different from when he was a player, but he is happy to continue playing volleyball happily and happily with children who are interested in volleyball. I plan to do my best to become the best youth volleyball class with my children.”

A club official also said, “It was always regrettable that the operation of the youth volleyball class was suspended due to Corona 19. We will do our best to support and operate as we started again with difficulty. I am very happy that the response was better than expected. There are still many things we lack, but we are working hard to take care of not only the children but also the families who are with us.”

In addition, coach Kim Sang-woo, who is very interested in operating youth volleyball classes, said, “Youth volleyball classes and youth sports are the basis of all sports. In terms of volleyball development and fan service, the operation of youth volleyball classes and interest in them are very important. It is also encouraging for the players to start operations at the club and hold small events with the players. The team will also do their best to support the youth volleyball class,” he said, expressing interest and welcome.