‘Prepared leader’ coach Kim Sang-sik “Joyful basketball makes a team”

It is the power of a ‘prepared leader’ who has gone through a long period of maturation.

Kim Sang-sik, manager of Anyang Keiji City (KGC) Ginseng Corporation, 카지노사이트 is drawing attention from fans as he is driving a blast by maintaining an immovable lead in the season. As of the 16th, 9 consecutive wins, the highest win rate (74.4%), and 30 wins (32 wins and 11 losses), etc., are running without hesitation in each category. His move, which opened his first full-fledged season as a professional command tower after going through a mountain battle, is intense.

The strength of coach Kim, who served as the national team coach, is team harmony. While maintaining the individuality of the players, we pay attention to the balance so that the whole can harmonize as one. His strong team atmosphere and his belief that ‘no individual is better than the team’ are evident in his cooperative play on the court. In the confrontation with Changwon LG (LG) in second place on the 15th, not only tall players such as Oh Se-geun, Yang Hee-jong, and Omari Spellman, but also Byun Jun-hyeong and Moon Seong-gon did their best to defend under the goal and participate in catching bouncing balls. The players’ quick passing or spinning the ball to increase the chances of scoring is the effect of team cohesion.

Commentator Shin Ki-seong said, “The players run a lot, create better opportunities rather than be greedy, and play to help. In particular, he showed an overwhelming appearance in the match against LG. The team is strong and fast, so the opposing teams have no choice but to have a hard time.”

At Media Day before the season, no one picked Ginseng Corporation as a candidate for the championship. However, coach Kim Sang-sik created a spark with the players from the beginning of the season. He is well aware of the characteristics of the Ginseng Corporation players who were summoned to the national team, and created a team with strong organizational skills through customized tactical instructions and post-game feedback.

An official from Ginseng Corporation said, “The atmosphere of the team is very good, and the coach has an excellent ability to break through difficulties by taking control of the team. The atmosphere of home fans is also enthusiastic.”