Police raid MBC reporter’s headquarters‥”Suspected of leaking Han Dong-hoon’s personal information”

Police today launched a raid on an MBC reporter and the MBC newsroom.

They visited the reporters’ homes and confiscated their cell phones, and also attempted to search the newsroom at MBC’s headquarters.

In April last year, personal information was allegedly leaked during Attorney General Han Dong-hoon’s personnel hearing, and the National Assembly office was raided at the same time.

Reporter Lee Dong-kyung reports on the day’s raids토토사이트.

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9 a.m. today.

Police investigators burst into the apartment of an MBC reporter.

“Give us your cell phone, your cell phone, we’re executing it now under a seizure warrant.”

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Department, which is investigating the alleged leak of personal information by Attorney General Han Dong-hoon, was executing a search warrant.

The police searched the journalist’s vehicle and the interior of his home, securing his work cell phone and laptop.

The police suspect that the journalist was involved in the leak of data related to a minister’s personnel hearing before the National Assembly in April last year.

The reporter, who was part of the political team at the time, was later accused of defamation by the People’s Power for reporting on President Yoon Seok-yul’s controversial “n-word” remarks during his visit to the United States.

In 2020, he was also sued for 30 million won in damages by Minister Han Dong-hoon for his coverage of the so-called “prosecutor’s drinking party” case.

Today, the police, who launched a full-scale investigation against the current reporter, also attempted to raid the newsroom at the headquarters of MBC.

Citing the need to secure relevant evidence in the space where the reporter works, they attempted to enter and were confronted by employees who restrained them.

“We’re here to find evidence of the allegations against the individual reporter, that’s what the warrant says.”

Police entered the office around noon, more than two hours after the confrontation, saying they wanted to check the premises before conducting a search, and withdrew around 1:30 p.m. after confirming that there was nothing on the journalist’s desk or in his home.

The investigation into Han’s alleged leak began with a complaint from Kim Min-seok, a lawmaker from Seoul’s Gangseo district.

Kim filed a complaint with police last month alleging that Seo Mo, a known member of the Democratic Party, leaked personal information of Han and his family.

Today, police also raided the National Assembly Secretariat’s proposals division to determine how data related to Han’s personnel hearing was leaked.

I’m Lee Dong-kyung of MBC News.