Police officer charged with secretly filming sex with 26 women he met on a dating app

A former police officer who secretly filmed and possessed videos of himself having sex with dozens of women over the years has been brought to trial안전놀이터.

The Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office’s Women’s and Children’s Crime Investigation Division (Deputy Chief Prosecutor Choi Na-young) announced on Monday that it has indicted Chief A (32) on charges of violating the Special Law on Punishment of Sexual Offences (filming with a camera, etc.) and tampering with evidence.

He is accused of having sex with 26 women he met through dating apps between June 2016 and November last year, filming sex without their consent on 28 occasions and possessing 17 sex videos.

He is also accused of asking his girlfriend to “throw away computers and other items at his residence” after police raided it in April.

The women on the dating app reportedly did not raise any suspicions when they saw a picture of him in police uniform.

His crimes came to light when one of the victims realised that he had taken illegal photos and filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office. After investigating the case and conducting raids, the Eunsan police transferred the case to the prosecutor’s office on the 22nd of last month.

He is currently suspended from duty.

The prosecutor’s office plans to provide support for the victims to recover from the damage, including psychological counselling.