PO crisis due to lack of money, who is responsible for Lee Hee-dae’s skit

What kind of comedy is this?

What a pity. pathetic again The Korean Basketball League (KBL) did not have the power to control this possibly predicted catastrophe in the first place, and it is in an atmosphere of being disgraced as the worst event after its launch. The most pitiful thing is the players who ran without knowing the destination, and the fans who cheered them on.

5th place Goyang Carrot lost to Wonju DB on the 18th. However, 7th place Suwon KT lost to Anyang KGC on the day, and regardless of the results of the remaining matches, it was confirmed that they would advance to the playoffs in the round of 6.

Going to the playoffs in the first season of its founding was never an easy task. But Carrot couldn’t laugh on the day he was happy to laugh안전놀이터,. Because they don’t know if they can play in the playoffs or not. No, I might have been more saddened by the fate of having to pack my things desperately for a really embarrassing reason.

The carrot situation is getting closer. Day One Sports, which has Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering as its parent company, has ambitiously set foot on the KBL stage ahead of this season. Acquired Goyang Orion. They signed a naming sponsor contract with Carrot Insurance and signed a supply contract with Nassau, which had no relationship with the basketball team, and showed smooth progress.

However, KBL and other clubs expressed doubts about Carrot’s departure. It was that the method of generating profits proposed by Carrot was absurd. Since success is guaranteed only with too ideal parts, all the clubs who have already run the club and thought, ‘It can’t be that way’ have come forward to stop it. However, KBL’s decision, obsessed with a sense of mission to maintain 10 clubs, was membership approval.

In fact, no club earns money from running a basketball team. The reason we spend 5 to 7 billion won every season is for publicity. However, the reason KBL accepted Carrot was because of the background of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, although CEO Heo Jae-ra, who was the best star of the time, was important. However, as this Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering & Construction gave up on running the basketball team due to financial difficulties, unprofessional situations such as the delay in paying salaries for the current team are occurring.

The first subscription fee of 500 million won has already been delayed. And if the remaining 1 billion won is not paid, the players cannot stand on the stage even after achieving a great achievement of advancing to the playoffs. The payment deadline is the 31st, and if payment is not made within that time, the playoffs may lead to crippling. In the current atmosphere, it seems unlikely that Carrot will pay a huge amount of 1 billion won. For the first time in history, a funny situation arises when the 7th place team goes to the playoffs due to fishermen’s geography. What is really embarrassing is that Suwon KT, which is ranked 7th, and Wonju DB, which is ranked 8th, have no choice but to quietly (?) do their best with this possibility. What does it mean to make it to the playoffs like this? I can’t just let go of it, so it’s just pitiful.

Day One Sports, which abandoned the club after one season without responsibility, is the biggest problem, but KBL, which hired them without any countermeasures even though this was fully foreseen, is more problematic. If maintaining 10 clubs was an unavoidable option, it was correct that measures should have been prepared internally to prepare for such problems. I can’t hide my laughter at the current situation where the playoff schedule and subscription fee payment deadline are twisted.