Pepper Savings Bank, nominated by Yasmin, will it work?

Yasmin Bedardt, who ended the season due to back surgery, appointed Pepper Savings Bank. When the season is over, there

are many opportunities for each club to reinforce their strength, such as the FA market, trade, rookie draft, and the Asian Quarter, which has been implemented since this year. . However, one of the most important events (?) for each club is the foreign player draft held every April or May. This is because the performance of foreign players is a very important part of the team’s performance due to the nature of the V-League, where foreign players are responsible for an attack share of at least 30% and a maximum of 40%.

On the 13th (Korean time), a draft for foreign players in the V-League Women’s Division, which will be active in the 2023-2024 season, was held in Turkey, Istanbul. Except for Heungkuk Life Insurance Pink Spiders, who chose to renew the contract with Yelena Mrazenovic, six clubs exercised their nomination rights in the draft. Unlike the men’s team, where old officials received preferential treatment, with 6 out of 7 players having experience in the V-League, more than half of the 7 players in the women’s team were new faces who had never experienced the V-League.

Pepper Savings Bank AI Peppers, who exercised the overall first choice in the draft for foreign players with the benefits of a new club for the past two years, got the second choice even with the highest probability this year. However, as IBK Industrial Bank Altos, who won the first overall pick, chose left-handed striker Brittany Abercrombie, Pepper Savings Bank was able to bring in the player they wanted. Geopo Yasmin Bedart, who led the solo run of Hyundai Engineering & Construction Hillstate in the 2021-2022 season, is the main character.

Pepper’s unsuccessful foreign farming

▲ Elisabeth, Pepper’s first foreign player, became the top scorer in the 2022-2023 season as soon as she transferred to Ginseng Corporation.
ⓒ Korea Volleyball Federation

The 2021 foreign player draft, which Pepper Savings Bank first participated in, was evaluated as having a somewhat lower level of players than in 2020. In 2020, under the influence of the Corona 19 pandemic that swept the world, players who were active in the European big leagues threw a challenge to the relatively safe domestic V-League. However, as the epidemic of Corona 19 eased somewhat in 2021, many famous players who were active in Korea returned to the European stage.

In the 2021 foreign player draft, Pepper Savings Bank nominated Elisabeth Ine Barga, a young striker born in 1999 with dual citizenship from Hungary and Romania, who had high prior preference. Pepper Savings Bank secretly expected Elisabeth to take charge of the team’s attack like Valentina Diouf (Pusto Arsicio), who played an active role at KGC Ginseng Corporation. However, in the first season of the V-League, Pepper Savings Bank packed the season with inexperienced setters, which inevitably affected Elisabeth’s performance.

Elisabeth, who worked with Lee Hyun, Gusol, and Dr. Park, scored 598 points in 30 games in the 2021-2022 season, scoring the second fewest points among foreign players in seven clubs. In the end, Pepper Savings Bank had no choice but to give up on renewing the contract with Elisabeth, which did not meet expectations after the season. And in the 2022-2023 season, Elisabeth, who met a setter from the national team named Yeom Hye-seon at KGC Ginseng Corporation, scored 1015 points in 35 games and ranked first in scoring.

In the 2022 foreign player draft, Pepper Savings Bank, which had the right to pick overall, nominated Nia Reed, the Brazilian league top scorer in the 2021-2022 season. He was born in 1996, so he wasn’t even a young player. He has a lot of experience, playing in Turkish, French and Brazilian leagues. Pepper Savings Bank recruited Lee Go-eun setter from the FA market in April of last year to reinforce the setter that was pointed out as a weakness, but Nia Reed also did not become Pepper Savings Bank’s ‘answer’.

Nia Reid scored 717 points in 33 games in the 2022-2023 season and ranked 4th in scoring. In fact, Nia Reid’s attack success rate was 36.24%, ranking 8th overall. To make matters worse, Nia Reid left Korea in disgrace after being banned from entering the country for one year by the immigration office when she was found possessing food containing hemp ingredients when she entered Korea in September of last year.

‘Injury issue’ Yasmin re-nominated, the goal is to stay healthy

▲ Yasmin, who used Suwon as her home ground for the past two seasons, will use Gwangju as her home ground for the 2023-2024 season토토사이트.
ⓒ Pepper Savings Bank AI Peppers

More than 40 players applied for this year’s foreign player draft, but Sheridan Atkinson and Helen Russo, who received good reviews from clubs, did not appear on the field. Nevertheless, tryouts and drafts were conducted in a lively atmosphere, with four of the seven clubs selecting new faces with no V-League experience. And Pepper Savings Bank, which had the second choice, chose Yasmin, who had been active for two seasons in the V-League.

If you simply look at your skills, Yasmin is not inferior at all to be classified as a top-notch foreign player in the league. Yasmin’s best weapon is her height of 192cm and powerful attack that is hard to find in the tryout era. In the 2021-2022 season, Yasmin, who led Hyundai E&C’s regular league ranking by ranking 4th in scoring (674 points), 2nd in attack success rate (42.81%), 1st in sub (0.44 per set) and back attack (49.41%), is In the 2023 season, he played an active role in Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s opening 15 consecutive wins.

However, the problem was also injuries. Yasmin, who played an active part until Hyundai E&C won 14 consecutive wins, started to miss due to a back injury and eventually underwent disc surgery. Hyundai E&C waited for Yasmin to recover while recruiting a substitute foreign player, Yvone Montaño, but Yasmin never returned, which led to a season failure. In other words, Pepper Savings Bank made the decision to entrust the fate of the team to the player who put the team in great trouble due to injury issues.

Of course, if Yasmin melts into Pepper Savings Bank in a healthy state, the power of Pepper Savings Bank next season can become even stronger. In particular, ‘Ssangpo’, which will be formed by newly joined Park Jung-ah and Yasmin, is already exciting volleyball fans in Gwangju. During the tryout process, Yasmin only warmed up her body lightly without playing practice games, but she is currently recovering smoothly and confident that normal training will be possible when she joins the team in August.

Of course, even if the new foreign player Yasmin plays well, Pepper Savings Bank has a big homework to fill the gap of middle blocker Choi Ga-eun, who transferred to Korea Expressway Corporation High Pass in the process of re-recruiting Lee Go-eun. No matter how much ‘double cannon’ explodes on the left and right, if the center is pierced, the opponent will have no choice but to attack. However, if Park Jung-ah and ‘Healthy Yasmin’ are on the left and right of Pepper Savings Bank, the team’s weight will not even be comparable to the previous two seasons.