‘Peer Murder’ Jung Jeong-jeong’s Grandfather “A hundred times guilty of raising his granddaughter wrong”

The grandfather of Jung Yoo-jeong (23), who cold-bloodedly안전놀이터 murdered and disfigured the body of a young woman she met through a tutoring app, has apologized to the bereaved family.

“I want to apologize a hundredfold to the bereaved family for raising my granddaughter wrongly, and that’s how I feel,” Jung Yoo-jeong’s grandfather told MBC yesterday (January 1).

He also said, “There is a civil service written exam on the 10th of next month. (Jung) was in the process of studying in a reading room, library, or something like that,” adding that “something unimaginable happened.”

After graduating from high school in 2018, Jung was reportedly unemployed for five years, cut off from society, and living alone with her grandfather.

Prior to the attack, Jung posed as a parent of a third-grade student through a tutoring app.

She then reportedly visited her victim pretending to be a student wearing a used school uniform and committed the crime.

Lee Soo-jeong, a professor of criminal psychology at Kyungpook National University, cited “stealing the victim’s identity” as the purpose of the crime. “She was a popular tutor online, and I think she was trying to steal her identity as a way to overcome her handicap,” Lee said.

During the investigation, Jung confessed to the crime, saying, “I did it because I wanted to kill.”

At 9 a.m. today, police will send Jung to the prosecutor’s office on charges of murder and disposing of a corpse.