“Overcoming Ips? You saw it”… ‘950 innings’ 8 billion Keumgang Buddha’s backup is also strong

There is a catcher who plays more than 950 innings every year. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t just put your hands on it and wait. The overall strengthening of the gunnery should also be accompanied. You should be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. Lotte is not overlooking the fostering of a backup catcher to support Kang-Nam Yoo, the ‘8 billion player catcher’.토토사이트

Lotte’s first spring camp in Guam was harsh overall. Regardless of the position or part, the overall intensity was high. Same goes for the catcher part. Under the passionate guidance of coach Choi Kyung-chul, who was appointed as the first domestic battery coach in four years, he sweated from morning to afternoon. Yoo Kang-nam, who was recruited for 8 billion won in 4 years, also did not miss out on early work and extra training according to Coach Choi’s amount of training. This is the reason why trust has grown thicker in just one month.

In addition, Ji Ji-wan, Lee Jung-hoon, and Kang Tae-yul all took the opportunity to develop under the guidance of coach Choi Kyung-cheol. Kang Tae-yul was cut off ahead of the second camp in Okinawa, which will be held in real-life mode, but Ji-wan Ji and Jung-hoon Lee are now starting a test to establish themselves as strong backup catchers for Kang-nam Yoo.

Lotte tried to solve the catcher problem by trading and using foreign coaches before recruiting Yoo Kang-nam, but no clear results came out. Eventually, he returned to domestic coaching and his training volume increased. Communication has become easier than before. However, coach Choi Kyung-chul was cautious about mentioning the methods his former foreign coaches taught.

“It’s a difficult and careful part. It’s clear that they have good ability. I’m not trying to say it’s wrong. But it could be that the players caught it wrong or they didn’t communicate well,” he said.

However, the process of change itself is happening naturally, he says. He said, “The players talked about it. They said that they had never had so many meetings and had never made catcher training so difficult. At first, the players seemed to have doubts. So it must have taken some time for the players to accept it.”