One round of money K League 2, ’12 out of 12′ not ’12 out of 12′ system

 It was expected that it would be an intense season, but I did not expect it to be to this extent.

The K-League 2 went full circle. All 13 teams met once through the ‘Hana One Q K League 2 2023’ held last weekend. When I opened the lid, an all-time ranking battle is unfolding. The difference between 1st place Gimpo FC (26 points) and 6th place Busan I-Park (20 points) is only 6 points. 2nd place Kimcheon Sangmu (23 points), 3rd place Bucheon FC (22 points), 4th place Gyeongnam FC, and 5th place FC Anyang (21 points) change their rankings every round. Mid-level teams, such as Seongnam FC, are also boasting formidable power. Only Cheonan City FC (1 point), the lowest-ranking ‘new team’ with 1 draw and 11 losses, is only dropping, and Ansan Greeners (10 points), which is in 12th place, is also showing a worthy challenge for the playoffs안전놀이터. The composition of ’12 out of 1 – 1 medicine’ is unfolding.

It is subtly different from the beginning of the season. Before opening the lid, it was evaluated as ‘1st – 12th’. The prevailing prospect was that while the military team Gimcheon, with the addition of a national team-level recruit, boasted the most overwhelming power, there was no significant difference between the rest of the teams. Anyang, Gyeongnam, and Busan were classified as opponents of Gimcheon, and it was expected that other teams also had formidable power. With the addition of freshmen named Chungbuk Cheongju and Cheonan, there were even variables. The initial composition was important.

When it started, it became more turbid. What is noteworthy is the progress of Gimpo. Gimpo, which showed potential last season, upgraded its strength this season by adding foreign players and defense. Through winter training, it was evaluated as a team that could become a dark horse in the mid-level game, but Gimpo’s blast was stronger than expected. After opening, they are leading the way with an undefeated streak. 7 wins and 5 draws in 12 matches. Unlike the team that had a blast in the beginning and shine in about 7-8 games, they are playing for quite a long time with well-organized performance.

Kimcheon also has ups and downs, but is holding a game to catch. Bucheon, who went to the playoffs last season, continues to add victories despite the change in the squad. Gyeongnam is accumulating victory points by stabilizing the defense, and Anyang and Busan are also showing strong appearances. Seongnam coach Lee Ki-hyung said, “There is no particularly strong team. I wonder if Kim Cheon will win. But overall, there is no team that is weak and easy to think about and play.”

The top ranks form a group system with 6-7 teams, adding to the spectacle. Managers are under increasing stress. Gyeongnam coach Seol Ki-hyun said, “There is no particularly strong team, so it’s comfortable, but since most teams have similar skills, this creates stress. We are in this competition. In fact, we say that only we have to do well, but the players are also psychologically affected by the opponent’s results. It is more complicated because there are several teams attached.”

The 2023 season K League 2 is also a’1+2’ system. 1st place is directly promoted to K-League 1, and 2nd place plays a promotion playoff (PO) with the 11th place in K-League 1. 3rd to 5th will have a playoff. The 4th and 5th places will have a semi-PO first, then the winner will have a PO with the 3rd place. The team that wins here will have a promotion PO with the 10th place team in the K League 1. Up to 3 teams can go to K-League 1. In the ’12 out of 1′ composition, anyone can become a promotion candidate. This is the hint given by the first Robin.