On the broadcast of Lee Jun-seok “The Party is dead”… People’s power “violation of balance” KBS “desire for communication”

When former People’s Power representative Lee Jun-seok and former Democratic Party representative Song Young-gil (currently independent) appeared on KBS evening broadcasts and criticized President Yoon Seok-yeol and the ruling party, the people’s power was directed not only to the two former representatives but also to KBS , saying, “Breaking the balance and ‘s eyes were soiled,” he criticized.

In response, the KBS production team refuted that it was a project that contained the people’s wishes for communication in the political world where the ruling and opposition parties are missing. Former People’s Power representative Lee Jun-seok appeared on KBS 2TV’s <The Live>, which was broadcast live on the night of the 15th, and said of Kim Ki-hyun, “I want to meet with Lee Jae-myeong, but it will be a situation that CEO Kim Ki-hyun cannot do with his own will .

” Regarding the evaluation that the representative system of Kim Ki-hyun has stabilized, former CEO Lee criticized, “Some people say that the party is dead,” and “It is that the party does not see active activities.”

Regarding the ruling party’s response to the Fukushima contaminated water incident, former CEO Lee said, “If I were the party’s representative, I would have reflected the public’s point of view.” On the other hand, as a member of the legislature, it also has the role of checks and balances.” Forgetting that, when the controversy over contaminated water broke out, the ruling party said that the government and the party were all in one, but they only took on a strange role, he said. Regarding the expression that he has stabilized, former CEO Lee said, “It is difficult to accept the logic that CEO Ki-hyun Kim has stabilized, in our society, ‘ military officials say that society has stabilized’ . and launched the Third Republic,” he criticized, saying, “Just because there is silence, it doesn’t mean it has stabilized.”

Lee Jae-myeong, the former representative of the Democratic Party, said, “I don’t know what the person who seemed so competent is trying to do when he comes to the realm of politics, and his direction is not clear… It is natural that there are disagreements, but as the party representative, I can “I don’t even see the ability to do it,” he said, “Lee Jae-myeong is different from the movement, and I supported it after seeing that it was a completely different feeling of the Democratic Party, but now that I see it, it is always bulletproof, so it is mentioned as an unconstructive topic.”

The power of the people criticized the broadcast appearances of these two former representatives of the opposition party as biased broadcasting. On the morning of the 16th, Rep. Park Seong-joong of People’s Power said at an in-hospital countermeasures meeting, “Is former CEO Song Young-gil voluntarily attending KBS as he has been voluntarily appearing for the prosecution, or is KBS privatizing broadcasting while devoting valuable broadcasting time?” They criticized him for violating the rules of broadcasting deliberation, the balance of panels, while dealing with sensitive political issues of the ruling and opposition parties. Rep. Park pointed out that former representative Lee Jun –

seok, who is famous for being a conservative spoofing panel that is virtually no different from the leftist panel, has abused internal gunfire toward the people ‘s strength스포츠토토 . “What did you really expect by summoning the former representatives of the ruling and opposition parties, who cannot even expect honesty and sincerity?” Rep. Park said,

Rep. Park urged, ” KBS should take responsibility for dirtying the public’s eyes by calling former CEO Song Young-gil and Lee Jun-seok late at night.” Rep. Park said, ” As the separate collection of license fees became a fait accompli by the people’s order, we have no choice but to see that KBS openly revealed its leftist nature.” It was also interpreted as privatization and standing at the forefront of the strikers of the KCTU.” Rep. Park also said, “We are ordering the permanent abolition of license fees to the end, beyond the separate collection of license fees.” In a back briefing after the in-hospital countermeasures meeting, Yoon Jae-ok, the representative of the people’s power, said, “Former representative Lee Jun-seok criticized in a broadcast that the people’s strength is now a dead party and seems to be returning to the military. How do you see it?” “So far, he has been talking in that tone, and I think it’s on an extension line,” he replied.

Former CEO Song Young-gil also criticized the system of CEO Kim for lack of presence.In response to such criticism of the people’s strength, KBS said that it was a plan that contained the wishes of citizens who wished for Yaya’s communication. Ahn Young-hee , deputy director of KBS’ brand marketing department , told Media Today on the evening of the 16th through SNS messenger the position of the production team. It was a place to listen to rich experience and advice,” he said. “The discussion between former CEO Lee Jun-seok and Song Young-gil was a plan that contained the wishes of citizens who wish for active discussion and communication in the political world in a situation where the ruling and opposition parties are missing.” revealed Announcer Lee Gwang-yong, who previously hosts KBS’s <The Live>, finished the broadcast on the 15th and said, “I will devote all the broadcasting time to CEO Ki-Hyeon Kim and Jae-Myung Lee to make an official proposal once again so that the two can discuss it here . give,” he said.