NC embraces an ace despite the risk of injury… Koo Chang-mo, 7 years 13.2 billion ‘jackpot’ broke

Gu was praised as a ‘player who can carry on the left-handed ace genealogy’. It was a time when Koo Chang-mo recorded an average ERA of 1.55 with 9 wins and no losses in the first half alone. He threw 87 innings, but the strikeout rate reached 99. However, Gu Chang-mo did not appear in the second half. It was because of an injury. He couldn’t play a single game in the 2021 season due to injury, and even in the 2022 season, he returned only at the end of May.

A healthy Koo Chang-mo is the most feared left-handed pitcher in the league, but the injury was regrettable. Since 2018, when Koo Chang-mo fully digested the starting rotation, he has not been able to fill the regular innings even once.

NC believed in Gu Chang-mo. It is while giving Gu Chang-mo, who is not a free agent (FA), a large contract of up to 13.2 billion won for up to 7 years. Koo Chang-mo is the first in the league to sign a long-term contract with a player with more than two seasons left before obtaining FA qualification.

NC made different contract conditions depending on when Gu Chang-mo obtained FA. Based on the results of the international competition, if Gu Chang-mo gets FA qualification in 2024, NC will give a total of 12.5 billion won, including an annual salary of 9 billion won and an incentive of 3.5 billion won, for a six-year contract period from 2023.

If Gu Chang-mo does not qualify for FA in the 2024 season, NC will pay up to 13.2 billion won, including a guaranteed annual salary of 8.8 billion won, incentives and execution of the 7th year contract for a contract period of 6+1 years from 2023. In addition, if Koo Chang-mo enlists, the contract also includes an extension of the contract period by the amount of military service. It means that he has a strong will to hold on to Gu Chang-mo.토토

Recently, each club has signed a long-term contract with a low-ranking player representing the team to tie them down. SSG signed a 5-year contract with Park Jong-hoon, Moon Seung-won, and Hanyu Island, and Samsung gave Koo Ja-wook 12 billion won for 5 years. Similar contracts continue even after the 2022 season ends. Prior to Koo Chang-mo, Lotte Park Se-woong signed for 5 years and 9 billion won. NC also emphasized, “I didn’t want to leave room for Koo Chang-mo to transfer to another club or overseas.” Gu Chang-mo, who signed a major contract, now has only to prove his value on the mound in good health.