[NBA] “I’m really worried about our defense… ” Director GSW Kerr sighs

The offense is still top-notch. The problem is defense.토토사이트

According to The Athletic’s report on the 16th (Korean time), Golden State coach Steve Kerr expressed concern about the team’s defense problem.

“I’m not worried about offense,” Kerr said. But we really have to be able to stop the opponent (on the defensive court),” he said, expressing concern about the team’s defense.

Golden State is 29-29 and 9th in the West, barely keeping a .500 win rate. It is the downfall of last season’s champion. The offense, which scores 118.6 points per game, is still top-notch. It ranks second in the league in scoring average. In contrast, sluggishness on the defensive court is serious. They give up 118.5 points per game, which is 27th out of 30 teams in the league.

Last season, Golden State was a high-quality defensive team that ranked first in the defensive rating league and third in the average run average. However, after only one season, the defensive system collapsed and fell to the bottom of the defensive team.

Golden State acquired Gary Payton II in a rather hasty manner in this trade market. Not only did they give away James Wiseman, the second-choice prospect, but they recruited Peyton II even though the noise of the medical test spread loudly in the middle. The reason is clear. The team’s defense is at a serious level, and Peyton II, who was the core of Golden State’s defensive system last season, was recruited believing that he could solve it even a little.

Golden State’s key player, Draymond Green, also said, “Our defense is not very good. It’s an integral part of talking about us this season and we have to do something to fix it.” Golden State players are sensitive to the issue of defensive power within the team. The season’s performance will be different depending on whether or not they improve it by using the All-Star break.