National Slavery and Distributor, what is the key to adapting the official ball seen by the two legends?

What did the two legends,토토사이트 who were called ‘national slaves’ and ‘arrangers’ in the past, see as the key to adapting to the official ball?

In the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) competition to be held in March, pitching coach Jung Hyun-wook (Samsung) and coach Bae Young-soo (Lotte) bullpen coach, former legendary pitchers, will work with the players as pitching part coaching staff.

The two coaches have outstanding coaching skills, leadership, and even charisma, and will work directly with the pitchers of the national team. Those who boasted a strong career as a reliever and starting pitcher respectively during their active career have impressed the public with their strong performances on the WBC stage in the past.

Bullpen coach Bae Young-soo was dubbed the ‘scoring master’ after matching the butt of Ichiro Suzuki, who caused a scandal with ’30 years of absurd remarks’ in the 1st tournament in 2006, and pitching coach Hyun-wook Jeong pitched in 5 games in the 2nd tournament in 2009. He pitched well with an average ERA of 1.74 over 10.1 innings, the most in the bullpen, contributing to the splendid achievement of the runner-up in the tournament.

On the 14th, the two coaches headed to the Arizona national team camp through Incheon International Airport, stressing that it is most important to play the game based on fighting spirit and concentration, and to do so, it is essential to adapt to the environment such as the official ball and stadium as soon as possible.

The official ball of the WBC competition is relatively large and slippery compared to the official ball of the KBO League. In the case of the pitching part of this tournament, it is essential to quickly adapt to the official ball with little experience, as a large-scale generation change is being sought.

Regarding the adaptation of the official ball, coach Jung Hyun-wook said, “I think I will have to keep touching the ball for now. I think I need to have the ball even when I am living in a hotel in normal times,” he explained.

Is there any special know-how to maintain the stickiness of the official ball? Coach Jung said, “There are not many special methods. It naturally sweats, so the only way is to apply it to the palm of your hand (with mud from the allowed ball) and apply it to the ball,” he said. It is urgent to adapt as quickly as possible.”

As such, there were many difficulties in adapting to the official ball in past competitions, so the KBO and national team coaching staff delivered the official ball to the major players in the final entry early in December so that they could adapt. Therefore, there are many expectations that there will be less confusion in this competition.

Coach Bae Young-soo also said, “I saw the players throwing the official ball at the camp, but I don’t think there will be any big problems because they have already adjusted to it.” That’s why Coach Bae shared the know-how accumulated through past competitions, saying, “As Coach Jung Hyun-wook said, the best way to adapt is to always carry the ball out of habit.”

In the end, there is no special expedient or method. The royal road taught by the two legendary coaches was to familiarize themselves with the ball as much as