National park ‘living for a month’ that gives living expenses… Shall I try again?

“Experience ‘living for a month’ in a national park.”

The National Park Service announced on the 13th that it is recruiting participants for ‘Living in a National Park for a Month’ for three national parks: Sobaeksan안전놀이터, Hallyeohaesang, and Gayasan. ‘Living in a national park for a month’ is to stay in the applied national park area and travel freely, but Gayasan National Park is for people or companies who want to have a vacation that combines work and vacation. Living for a month runs from July 3rd to October 29th. Those wishing to participate can apply for up to 4 weeks on a weekly basis. Participants will receive regional gift certificates worth KRW 150,000 per week per team. You can also use the ecotourism center or campsite in the national park as accommodation. Minors must participate with a guardian.

Those wishing to participate must submit an application form, including an activity plan, by the 25th. The National Park Service plans to select up to 40 teams (1 to 4 people per team) for each park, and will announce the selection results on the 30th. Participants must register by visiting the park office on the first day of their month-to-month life, and upload their activity photos to the social network service at least once a day. At the end of the month, you must also submit a report on the results. For more information, refer to the website of the National Park Service ( ).