“My daughter’s photo says ‘go home’…” Hanwha O’Grady complains of pain from bad comments on social media

Hanwha Eagles outfielder Brian O’Grady complained of pain from malicious comments on social media.

O’Grady posted a post on social media on the 15th, saying, “The amount of comments on social media posting pictures of me and my daughter telling me to go home or accusing me of not being from this country is staggering안전놀이터.”

He continued, “I said it last year, but I’ll say it again. No one wants me to do better than myself. The 10 games I opened right now were definitely not the results I wanted. But I’ve found the answer and will do the same this time.” .

“I’m grateful that I still have a small group of fans cheering me on, and I still have a lot of seasons left,” O’Gredi said at the end. “The Eagles have a lot of games left to win.” O’Grady deleted the post shortly after posting it. SNS is private.

O’Gredi, who hit 28 homers in the season with the Cincinnati Reds in 2019, joined Hanwha this year after playing for Seibu Lions in Japan last year. O’Grady is struggling to adjust as he is 7-for-43 with 5 RBI and 3 runs batted in with a .163 OPS of .364 in 10 games this season.

It is true that O’Grady is still not living up to fans’ expectations, but if even a picture of his daughter posted on social media is flooded with hateful comments from fans, he will cause great pain to the family watching him. This is why not only O’Grady but many players in the KBO are complaining of family damage.

Recently, in Japan, a foreign player released an SNS message containing the content of “black animal”, causing controversy. Fans’ support should not degenerate into indiscriminate slander. In particular, the need to respect the privacy of players’ families and the fans’ self-consciousness is growing. Criticism of players also requires a healthy method.