‘MVP level’ serving challenge with 5 batting crowns… “Actually, I’ve only tried it once.”

“I’ve only served once

. ” About 20 players, including captain Lee Yong-kyu, Lee Ji-young, Lee Jeong-hoo, Kim Hye-seong, and Ahn Woo-jin, voluntarily planned the event, and held a cherished item auction event, autograph session and commemorative photo shoot.

It was difficult for players and fans to meet for about two years due to Corona 19. The opportunity opened after a long time, and the players met the fans, and the fans had a meaningful time with each other, seeing the players in front of their eyes.

Captain Lee Yong-kyu said, “I haven’t been able to meet fans for the past few years due to Corona. As we went up to the Korean series in the 2022 season, the fans’ support was really a big help. I hope I can give back a little bit of the love I received from the fans.”

Players donned Santa hats and aprons and acted as daily serving agents for fans. It was awkward because it was something I wasn’t used to, but I did my best for the fans.

Lee Jeong-hoo, who was selected as the ‘League MVP’ by recording 5 batting crowns (batting average, RBI, hits, slugging percentage, on-base percentage), also showed a happy heart to meet the fans. “I had a charity hop after the season in 2019. It was really fun at the time, so I tried to hold an event like this every year, but it was a pity that the situation didn’t work out. As it started again this year, I hope it will serve as an opportunity to hold this event every year.”토토

He smiled and said, “I’ve only served once (at the 2019 Charity Hope). At that time, it was difficult to set up and clean up the gas burner. I think it will be okay because the cafe is not heavy to serve.”

Fans were also satisfied with the meeting with the players. Mr. A, who visited the charity cafe on the day, expressed his joy, saying, “I visited the baseball field about 120 times this year. I saw the players from afar at the stadium, but it’s nice to see the players up close and laugh and talk with them at events.”